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  • à tout le monde universitaire a parlé en anglais, mais dans les rues de la ville que je devais pratiquer le français.
  • Grande université.
  • les gens ici sont très gentils et agréable.


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Objectifs: Focusing on Change, it aims to develop the participant's capacity of understanding and dealing with the organisational and individual processes of our fast changing world. This professional track provides the foundations, tools and advanced practices to enhance managerial effectiveness, whether to find an international management position, start your own business or enter the field of consulting.

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Date de début

Aix en Provence ((13) Bouches-du-Rhône)
Institut d'Administration des Entreprises d'Aix-En-Provence Clos Guiot Puyricard - Cs 30063, 13089

Date de début


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- Bac +4/5 ou 240 ects
- expérience professionnelle

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  • à tout le monde universitaire a parlé en anglais, mais dans les rues de la ville que je devais pratiquer le français.
  • Grande université.
  • les gens ici sont très gentils et agréable.
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Votre avis sur cette formation: à tout le monde universitaire a parlé en anglais, mais dans les rues de la ville que je devais pratiquer le français.
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Votre avis sur cette formation: Grande université.
Recommanderiez-vous cette formation?: Oui


Votre avis sur cette formation: les gens ici sont très gentils et agréable.
Recommanderiez-vous cette formation?: Oui


Votre avis sur cette formation: S'il vous plaît essayer de vivre avec un francophone - il rend votre vie beaucoup plus facile. Essayez et arriver tôt, autour de regarder Juin pour un endroit où vivre - les logements sont rares. Méfiez-vous des propriétaires douteux. Sudistes sont bien connus en France pour avoir escroqué.
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Le programme

Core Courses
- Semester 1

The Key Management Competences
- Financial Management Accounting
- Quantitative Models and Statistics for Managers
- Corporate Finance
- Operation and Supply Chain Management

The Management Skills
- Communication Skills
- Action Learning Creativity and Effectiveness in Team
- Communication Skills
- Communication Processes and Styles
- Communication Skills
- Situational Leadership and conflict resolution
- Managing and Leading Teams
- International Leadership
- Change Management

The Global Mindset
- Strategy
- Economic Environement

Simulation Games
- Polygame
- Strategic Service Performance
- Negosim

Business Project
- Semester 1

In order to develop your entrepreneurship skills, the Business Project consists of either creating a new firm (entrepreneurship) or managing a new project inside or outside of an existing firm (intrapreneurship).These basic management abilities are:

- Start with imagination and new ideas, with the capacity to run business models and business plans, with teambuilding and leadership skills
- End with ability to share your vision with shareholders and capital riskers.The Business Project teams, will be supervised and evaluated by the Business Project professors/directors, consultants, venture capitalists and incubator managers. Best start-up projects could then be launched with our incubator supporter by IAE Aix, SUN Microsystems and one important capital risk firm CDC/SAMENAR.

Understanding the art of corporate venture will help you to become:

- a business or a spin-off developer- a leader in fast moving companies
- a venture capitalist in banks and private funds
- a consultant specialised in management for high-tech firms

Advanced Courses
- Semester 2

The Challenge of Globalization

International StrategyInternational MarketingInternational FinanceInternational and Cross
-Cultural Management
- International Strategic Management

The Challenge of Change and Transition
Philosophy and BusinessSystems Approach to Change ManagementChange PraktikumCoaching and Personnal TransitionReinventing Human Resources Management

The Challenge of Innovation
- Strategic Information Systems
- Knowledge Management
- Design Management
- Anglais
- 24 hrs.
- Sem. 2
- 3 ECTS -
- Innovation Management

Consulting Project
- Semester 2

The objective is to give the participants the opportunity to realise a real consulting mission in a firm or an organisation. These missions deal with real change or transformation processes, either strategic, organisational, technological or human. The Change Consulting Project is a concrete experience of consulting practice and change management.Every Consulting Project is managed by a team of 3 to 5 participants, integrating competences necessary to the positive achievement of the established objectives.The participants are coached and supervised during the project by a team of professors of the IAE Aix who hold significant experience in organisational consulting.Any organization can benefit from a team of MBA participants for the design and implementation of a Consulting Project, as it proposes a mission corresponding to an actual need.

Some examples of current and past consulting projects:
- Definition of an internal communication plan to establish a positive emulation when implementing for the second time a new information system
- Diagnosing the actual organisational stage to set up the key success factors for the future needed organisation fitting the development plan
- Diagnosis and Proposal relative to a production technology change within a microprocessing production factory
- Feasibility study for the transformation of French SME services into a European company- Strategy development (new policy of communication and alliance) for a young IPC company
- Development of the marketing and communication policy for a professional sports league
- Redefinition of the internal purchasing function within a press company at the time of ERP installation
- Establishment of the schedule of sales conditions for a new management software (information system)
- Diagnosis within an aeronautical company
- Audit of the international mobility policy for the executives of a multinational corporation
- Benchmarking and proposals for the creation of a corporate university

Electives - All Year Long

Seminars into Perspective
The main purpose of the Seminars into Perspective is to make the MBAs think and reflect on some critical Leadership/Change topics. It is to challenge them and trigger the desire to go further and deeper.
- Knowledge and Learning
- Leadership
- Psychological Perspective into Career Management- Consulting
- Accounting
- Business at the Intersection

International Seminars

These seminars, designed in a spirit of openness, are taught in English by French or foreign lecturers and cover all the main management fields. They are an interesting opportunity to approach, in a highly interactive way, an original topic related to business and to study with students from other programmes.

- Career Decisions :
What job is right for you? What job are you right for? How can you present yourself to get that job?
- Project Management
- Global Presentation and Public Speaking Skills
- Philosophy and Business
- Gandhi : his thoughts and Management
- Negotiation

- Creativity Builds Business : People at the heart of business
- Managing and Marketing Global Brands
- Leading Change Projects
- Sustainable Development in Business: Green Wash or genuine commitment?
- Multinational Corporate Strategy and Competitiveness
- US Perspective and Experience

MBA Thesis - July-September/December
- The thesis subject must be related to the management of innovation and/or the piloting of change.
- The thesis can be carried out individually, or in team of two. In the latter case, it must be possible, beyond the collective parts, to clearly distinguish and evaluate the specific contribution of each participant.
- Participants can base a thesis on work which was completed earlier in the year for the Business Project or the Consulting Project. Should the latter be chosen, it will necessary to examine specific new dimensions or those not fully-developed in the group project. Thus, the thesis must comprise practical and operational parts, as well as demonstrate a thorough understanding of the conceptual background (analyses and strategic review, modelling, conceptualisation...). It is also possible to base the thesis on a new innovative entrepreneurial project or consultation.
- A thesis can also be written on a topic relative to an important dimension of the MBA Change & Technology programme. This work must not only be conceptual or theoretical; it must also comprise any necessary practical illustrations and fieldwork, and be subjected to a thorough analysis.
- Lastly, a thesis can take the form of an internship report (i.e., carried out in a training course or employment within a company). In this case, the thesis must include a job description, explanation of work performed, an analysis of the location and participant role within the strategic context of the company. It must also present a clear personal perspective and understanding of the work assignment's contribution to the participant's professional project.
- You will have to ask a professor to be your IAE Tutor. He/she should in principle be a professor at IAE. He/she will supervise the progress of your work and help you to achieve it.

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MBA Change & Innovation

18 000 € HT