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    Paris la défense

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    13 Mois

This is one of the best MBA in the world! Emagister added to its catalogue the International MBA endorsed by EDC Paris Business school.

This MBA programme is meant for managers and leaders who want to improve their qualifications throughout an interdisciplinary approach and innovative vision of management.

Within this programme, students will boost their skills and expand their knowledge in order to succeed in the Business Industry.

Students can choose from one of the following specialisations: Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Luxury Goods Management or Sports Management.

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Date de début

Paris La Défense ((92) Hauts-de-Seine)
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70 Galerie des Damiers, 92400

Date de début


À propos de cette formation

To acquire a 360° vision of the fundamentals of administration and management.
To understand value creation processes, key success and performance factors while respecting the criteria for a positive social impact.
To seize the opportunity to develop one’s business plan or to conduct an in-depth analysis of a given sector with a professional and personal development perspective.
To learn how to ask the right questions, and how to solve diverse problems that are relevant in a collective context.

EDC Paris Business School is the 1st leading reference school in entrepreneurship, and it also offers the possibilities of obtaining a level 1 RNCP* qualification (Level 7 – European classification) equivalent to a master’s degree level.
Training combining agility, change management, personal development / leadership
Membership in the EDC Paris Business School alumni community with more than 15,000 alumni (including 5,000 business owners), spread over 77 countries.
Transformational or professional reorientation program aimed at enhancing the career of an experienced executive.

Bac+4 in any field / RNCP degree, level 2 minimum / M1
Professionals with 3 years’ full-time experience, with a bachelor degree (Bac+3)
English skills: Results of an English test (TOEFL /IELTS / TOEIC) C1 level, compulsory for all non-native applicants, or those who obtained their higher education qualification in English (1 year minimum).

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Les Avis

Les matières

  • Innovation
  • MBA full time
  • Strategic Management
  • Management
  • Innovation management
  • Strategy and innovation
  • Business english
  • Financial Analysis
  • Corporate finance
  • IT Management
  • Architecture

Le programme

Core courses
  • Business English
  • Strategy and innovation: strategic management, innovation management
  • Accounting and finance: financial analysis, corporate finance
  • Value and process architecture: Logistics/supply chain management, IT management
  • Management and organization: HR and international, organizational behaviors
  • Marketing and international operations: marketing, international operations
  • Performance management: managerial accounting, management control
  • Quantitative decision support methodes: managerial economics, quantitative support methods
  • Business game
  • Managerial development and leadership: intercultural team management, emotional intelligence and CSR
  • Capstone project (End of studies professional thesis)
Focus in entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Business model
  • New product development
  • From business opportunity to business plan
  • Transforming the organization (Corporate entrepreneurship)
Focus in sports management
  • Sports environment and global market
  • Management strategy and sport industry
  • Managing international sports events
  • Sports marketing strategy
Focus in luxury management
  • Evolution of the luxury sector, corporate codes and strategies
  • Creativity and brand identity in the luxury sector
  • Distribution and experiential marketing
  • Digital and social media marketing in the luxury sector

Informations complémentaires

Tuition fees:

International students : 16 000 Euros

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International MBA (Full-time)

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