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      Master in Project Management

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      Typologie Master
      Méthodologie En ligne
      Durée 12 Mois
      • Master
      • En ligne
      • Durée:
        12 Mois

      The Master of Project Management (ENG) that you can find in offers an open and far-reaching vision of project management, training students in project management methodology and taking into account the specific tools that will be used in their careers.

      The program includes presentations in the form of webinars of tools such as Microsoft Project and Palisade, not only to increase students' knowledge but also to evaluate the tools’ potential and discuss possibilities for improving both the application itself and its use in business contexts with the software representatives. During the course students will have the opportunity to become experts in the following software tools: Microsoft’s MS Project and Palisade’s @Risk. Students are required to know and have MS Excel.

      One of the objectives of the Master in Project Management is to prepare participants to take and pass the Project Manager Professional (PMP) certification exam from the Project Management Institute (PMI). (PMP ®is a registered trademark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.).

      If you are interested, don’t doubt to contact with to get more information about the Master in Project Management.

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      Project manager
      Project management
      Company Policy
      Organizational Style
      Project Feasability
      Project Management Fundamentals
      Defining the Scope
      Software Tools
      Estimating Costs
      Risk Identification Techniques
      Project Funding
      Software tools for risk management
      Financial Plan
      Project program management
      Project portfolio management
      Identification of project stakeholders


      Course Content:

      Strategic Project and Business Management

      • The company and company policy
      • Culture and organizational styles
      • Project management and the company
      • Organizational change projects
      • Project feasibility and profitability study
      • Areas of expertise in project management
      • Organizational structures in projects
      • Project Management Framework
      • The overall standard of the Guide to Project Management Fundamentals (PMBOK ® Guide)
      • Project concepts, project management and operations management
      • Project life cycle and how the organization influences projects
      • Project management processes
      • Project management methodologies
      • Project Scope Management
      • What is project scope management?
      • Gathering requirements
      • Defining the project scope
      • Creating a work breakdown structure (WBS)
      • Verification and monitoring of project scope

      Project Schedule Management

      • Introduction and overview
      • Identification and definition of schedule activities
      • Sequencing of schedule activities
      • Estimating the resource requirements for the activities
      • Estimating the duration of activities
      • Schedule development
      • Monitoring and controlling due dates, monitoring the schedule
      • Software tools: MS Project, practical exercises

      Project Cost Management

      • Introduction
      • Estimating costs
      • Preparation and approval of the project budget
      • Cost control
      • Main factors that can cause cost management fail
      • Project Quality Management
      • Quality planning, assurance and control
      • Quality standards applicable to projects
      • Products and/or service quality; the project’s quality plan
      • Tools and techniques for improving the process quality

      Project Risk Management

      • The Project Management Institute’s project risk management methodology
      • Equipment, schedule and cost required for risk management
      • Principal risk identification techniques
      • Principal qualitative and quantitative risk analysis techniques
      • Contingency reserves and project management reserves. Budget and control
      • Software tools for risk management
      • Keys to effective project risk management

      Project Funding

      • Introduction
      • Financial Plan
      • Capital needs
      • Financial model
      • Financial analysis and reporting
      • Project feasibility and risk analysis

      Program Management and Project Portfolio

      • Project program management
      • Project portfolio management
      • OPM3 standard ® (OPM3 is a registered trademark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.)
      • Case studies

      The Human Factor: Human Resources Management, Ethics and the Project Manager.

      • Human Resource Planning. Recruitment and development
      • Management and leading the project team
      • Personal skills: Project Manager management skills and techniques
      • Social and environmental responsibility
      • Professional ethics
      • Communication Management and the Stakeholders
      • Identification of project stakeholders
      • Planning project communications
      • Collection, compilation and distribution of project information
      • Managing expectations of the project stakeholders

      Procurement Management and Legal Aspects

      1. Methodology procurement management

      Procurement planning, implementation and administration

      Contract completion

      2. Supplement on contractual strategies

      Contractual strategies or typologies according to their scope, organization, price and allocation system

      Consulting and project management support contracts

      3. Contracts between private parties, public and international procurement
      4. Contract of sale
      5. Lease agreement
      6. Significant contract-related legal concepts

      Project Sales Management.

      • The project as a product to sell
      • The project sale process
      • Types of deals and contracts
      • Tender preparation and content
      • Strategic sales methodology

      Integration and Knowledge Management

      • Initiation and planning processes
      • Execution, control, closing and support processes
      • Knowledge management
      • Trends in project management

      Innovative Methodologies and Industry Standards in Project Management.

      • ISO21500
      • Agile techniques
      • PRISM
      • Prince2
      • IPMA approach to project management
      • Project management adaption methodologies for specific sectors: construction, oil and gas, software development, maturity models, IPMA competency model for sectors


      Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) and Tools

      PMP Preparation: Initiation

      Project Management Game