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MBA in English

The Luxury sector has spearheaded innovation in management and marketing for several decades. An exclusive clientele and highly sought-after employees make the Luxury Business a unique context to develop new practices, which set the standards throughout a wide range of sectors and industries. Understanding the Global Luxury Business today means understanding how to cope with challenges and fast changes that are also a source of opportunities for new actors.

Luxury is actually facing the contradictions and challenges of globalization and digitalization. How are brand managers addressing these challenges, and what have been / will be their strategies for sustainable growth in the future? What is the new scope of the luxury shopping experience? What are the e-commerce and omnichannel strategies? As social media and influencers grow in strength, how can a digital communication strategy be set up so as to rally ‘millenials’ and the new consumers of luxury?

The French Luxury Business is the leader of Europe’s globalization movement and Paris is at the heart of it. Home to Europe’s largest business district, Paris attracts international managers and business men and women with 20% of businesses run by international CEOs from over 160 different nationalities. Founded as Cartier’s own school for Luxury Business executives in 1990 and still a Cartier Chair, Sup de Luxe is France’s first and leading school in the Luxury Business. Ranked as the N°1 Luxury MBA in the world by EdUniversal, Sup de Luxe prides itself on its worldwide unique company and alumni network allowing its students to learn from industry executives and to acquire the necessary knowledge and invaluable connections to enter the highly sought-after Luxury sector.

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À propos de cette formation

The general objective of the program is to train professionals so that they provide a vision of change and adaptation to the new socioeconomic environment within companies in the luxury sector. They will be able to: - Demonstrate expertise concerning the characteristics of the sector. - Define the realistic and objective positioning of a brand and build the story that will enable it to reach the established objective. - Respect the keys of the differentiating tradition of the luxury sector, incorporating the tools, methodologies and processes of the digital age - Lead the transformation of organizations to face new projects and entrepreneurial challenges

The Sup de Luxe MBA Online in Luxury Management and Entrepreneurship in the digital Age is designed for: Graduate students with a degree from a recognized University with good grades and performances (Bachelor, master or Engineering Programs) Young professionals who hope to accelerate their career path Graduates who want to undertake into the Premium or Luxury sector

Candidates should fill out the application form and attach a photo and a CV. One or two letters of recommendation may be attached to the application file. Once the file is received and selected, a jury will carefully review it and interview selected candidates during a face to face meeting or via an electronic link.

MBA in Luxury Management and Entrepreneurship in the Digital Age

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Les matières

  • Luxury Brands
  • Innovation
  • Luxury industry
  • Management
  • Brand Management
  • Brand Image
  • Intercultural Management
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Digital
  • Inter-cultural contexts
  • Business Intelligence
  • Social networks
  • E-commerce
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Luxury marketplaces

Le programme

1. New consumers of Luxury

  • Once Creators, they became Brands: a Contemporary history of Luxury Brands.
  • The industrial revolution: perfume, cosmetics and accessories
  • The great shift of the Luxury Industry, the 90s
  • Who are the new consumers of Luxury?
  • Intercultural Management

2. Developing a Luxury Brand: Branding, Identity & Creativity

  • Brand management equity, Brand Image
  • Brand stretching and Brand alliance
  • Luxury brand management specific challenges

3. Experiential Marketing

  • Designing customer journey, Brand Ambassadors,
  • Sensorial Marketing, Immersive Marketing, Theatralization, digitalization of the retail Brick&Mortar
  • Cross-channel customer journey, digital experiences

4. Managing a luxury company

  • The Financial Guideline: Operating Costs and Profits
  • Price Positioning Strategy

5. Launching a Luxury Brand in the Digital World I

  • Understanding the importance of social networks:
  • web-marketing,
  • communication,
  • e-commerce.
  • new retail

6. Distribution Strategies: the right mix between Channels

  • Understanding the importance of inter-cultural contexts and local specificities.
  • Evolution of distribution modes: selective distribution, retail, distribution, e-commerce…

7. Luxury legal issues

  • Laws & Specific legal regulations applicable to the luxury sector

8. Talent development & Management

  • Change Management
  • Leader’s toolbox
  • Recruiting & developing people
  • Conflict handling - Reaching agreement

9. Launching a Luxury Brand in the Digital World II

  • CRM
  • Internet monitoring and business intelligence.
  • Uses Case & sectorial analysis

10. Considering the new Sustainable and Social responsibility issues of the Luxury industry

  • From Sustainable Development to Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Specifics of sustainability related to the luxury industry
  • New luxury consumer and new luxury marketplaces

11. Study trip to Paris, the capital of Luxury and Fashion.

  • A real immersion in the heart of brands and Houses and their business.
  • History, culture and the arts are at the center of the DNA of the brands.
  • Meetings with the managers of the sector, designers of new concepts and young entrepreneurs, digital experts.
  • Visits, workshops, initiation to creation and its management.
  • Understanding the customer experience in situ in major brand stores.
  • Professional exchanges and advice on personal development.

12. Final business project

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