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Master's in Montessori Paedagogy

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En Semi-présenciel Vic (Espagne)

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Typologie Master professionel
Méthodologie En semi-présentiel
Lieu Vic (Espagne)
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  • Master professionel
  • En semi-présentiel
  • Vic (Espagne)
  • Début:
    Dates au choix
  • Crédits: 60

Would you like to extend your studies in paedagogy? Would you like to learn the Montessori method? Are you looking for a course that gives you the flexibility to learn? Now it is within your reach with this part-time attendance course offered by the University of Vic. When you finish the training period, you will receive a qualification that will give weight to your CV and which will open many doors in the job market.

The content of the Master's is divided into 4 modules that cover the most relevant aspects related to the Montessori method in paedagogy. You will learn about concepts such as paradigms and contemporary perspectives in education and development. You will learn the theoretical bases of Montessori paedagogy and its practical application.

Thanks to the part-time attendance model, you will have flexibility in your timetable and you will not have to worry about your place of study: this is the comfort offered by this Master's course.

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Barcelona, Espagne
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Barcelona, Espagne
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· Prérequis

Compliance with the general access requirements Have a primary teaching certificate in any of the current specialities (Infant Education, Primary Education, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Special Education, Hearing and Language or Music) Be a graduate in Infant Education or Primary Education It is necessary to have an adequate knowledge of English to consult the bibliography. It is also necessary to have sufficient knowledge of the language used in the Montessori classroom where the practical placement will be conducted.

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School education
Social development
Contemporary paradigms
Infant education
Research seminar
Parent education
Montessori paedagogy
Montessori Curriculum



1. Paradigms and Contemporary Perspectives in Education and Development

Contemporary Paradigms in Infant Education and their Application in the Classroom

Emerging Ideas in Developmental Psychology and Infant Learning

Research Seminar

2. Theoretical Bases of Montessori Paedagogy (I)

Psychopaedagogical Principles of Montessori Education

Montessori Curriculum from 0 to 3 years

Anatomy, Physiology and Neuropsychiatry

3. Theoretical Bases of Montessori Paedagogy (II)

Early School Education

Social Development (Parent Education and Family Development)

Montessori Curriculum from 3 to 6 years

4. Practical Placement and Master's Dissertation

Observation and Practice 0–3 years

Observation and Practice 3–6 years

Master's Dissertation

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