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    Montréal (Canada)

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Are you interested in video editing? If so, consider the Video Editing program at Inter-Dec College, the only college level institution in Quebec which is fully equipped with AVID HD edit suites!

As increase in the use of digital and viral video has created a massive need for editors. This program can teach you what you need to launch your career in this fascinating industry. Beyond working with AVID HD, students will master Adobe After Effects, Boris, Photoshop, DVD Studio Pro and work with HD cameras like the Sony HDCam and Sony HDV in a professional studio. They will also improve their ability to work quickly and efficiently and to anticipate the economic and artistic constraints of each project.

Students at Inter-Dec are artistically driven and are passionate about audio-visual production. If you enjoy working with emerging digital formats and are detail-oriented and able to think outside the box, video editing could be an excellent career choice. Graduates of this program could find themselves in a number of related positions, from production assistant to senior editor. They may work in HD television programs and digital films, or in one of many other interesting areas.

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Montréal (Canada)
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1400, Rue du Fort (Bureau 9000), 9000

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À propos de cette formation

To be considered for admission to a program leading to an attestation of college studies, you must have an education considered sufficient by the college and meet one of the following criteria: • Completion of at least one year of postsecondary studies; • Participation in a government program or an agreement between the College and your employer; • Two semesters or one full school year must have passed since your previous studies (i.e. high school).

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Les matières

  • Adobe
  • DVD
  • Dvd studio pro
  • Working Methods
  • Editing
  • Production
  • Economic Constraints
  • Artistic Constraints
  • Editing Equipment
  • Editing Software
  • Working with Digital Formats
  • Working in Television
  • Recognizing Opportunities
  • Communicative Methods
  • Audio-Visual Production

Le programme

Course Outline and Objectives

• Use working methods, equipment and software used in the field of video

editing in order for you to be able to produce videos for television and

corporate areas;

• Use communicative methods from graphical and artistic considerations in

order for you to be able to communicate a message according to the clients

needs and requirements;

• Recognize opportunities as well as understand economic and artistic

constraints of the different branches in this profession in order for you to be

able to work effectively and efficiently as an employee or self-employed.

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Video Editing

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