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To offer students, schools, TOEIC test centers and other organisations, online TOEIC test, preparation courses. We put the student first, no wild claims, just solid, practical training at a low price.

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To offer students an interactive experience in which a training course is automatically created that is specific to each student's skills and levels. To combine with preparation, English grammar, vocabulary and practice exercises. In a nutshell, to provide a comprehensive preparation course of the highest quality that really works.

Students, Test Centers, Schools and other organisations.


This is a preparation course for students wishing to do the TOEIC test. The course also includes English language training and practice exercises, which make the course also suitable for the inprovement of a student's knowledge, fluency and skills using English at work and for pleasure.

The onlineenglish.EU platform has been created by a dual professional; teacher and TOEIC adminsitrator, engineer and programmer. This means the interface between the platform's programer and the knowledge of English teaching and correct TOEIC test preparation concepts is seamless. The OnineEnglish.EU TOEIC test preparation courses include all skills, listening, reading, speaking and writing as well as English grammar, vocabulary and practice exercises. The concepts of training, born in a classroom of many different nationalities are unique and work.

We will write back to you as soon as possible, however, as all information can be found on our website at, we would respectfully ask that you visit our website first.

An online interactive training course to allow students to correctly prepare for the TOEIC L&R test, the TOEIC S&W test and the TOEIC 4 Skills Test.


Yes, there are test simulations for all TOEIC tests. The simulations are designed to give you the best feeling of doing the real TOEIC test.

We have a simple policy.... The course is suitable for all levels. The course includes preparation training for all tests. The course includes supporting exercises for English grammar and vocabulary. The course includes additional practice exercises. In short, EVERYTHING you need to prepare correctly for the TOEIC test.

The price depends only on how long you wish to study. The price always includes everything the platform offers.

The training coach is a unique interactive module. It analyses a student's skills and then creates a training plan specific for the student. The training coach guides the student through their training, not only by offering the correct exercises to do from all training areas, but also by commenting on method, timing and more... At the end of the course the training coach will produce a training report that you can download, copy or print. The training report will tell you how you performed, your chances of getting the score you require, also offer advice for further training.

Only ETS can give you a TOEIC test score. The estimate of your TOEIC score level is given by the training coach. The estimate is based upon your performance during training and the more you lean and do, the more accurate the estimate becomes. The estimate is given as an upper and lower possibility with a spread that decreases the more training you do.


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Le programme

Interactive Training Coach. Just like a Teacher in Class!Guides your TOEIC preparation training.Shows you what to improve and learn.Analyses your levels, gives you the exercises you need to do.Gives you clever Tips and Advice to help you.Gives you the English Grammar and Vocabulary Exercises you need, to improve your English knowledge.Training report for state subsidised training.TOEIC Listening and Reading Score Level Estimate.

See an estimate of your TOEIC score level.See your strengths and weaknesses.See your improvement to motivate you.See when you have a good chance to get the TOEIC score you need.Exercises for every TOEIC Listening and Reading Question Type.

In the same format as those in the TOEIC Test.Get accustomed to each TOEIC question type.Review your answers, see your mistakes and learn how to improve.Read tips to help you answer the questions more easily.TOEIC Listening and Reading Test Simulations.

Our TOEIC test simulator (practice test, mock test) to feel what doing a full TOEIC LR test is like.Randomly generated simulations for hours of practice.Check your answers, read the tips, study the transcripts.See where you make mistakes and understand how to improve.Tips and advice for the TOEIC Listening and Reading Test.

Tips on how to answer the TOEIC questions correctly.Tips our students have used to make doing the TOEIC test easier.Tips to plan your test strategy and timing; to improve your performance.Tips on how to avoid common mistakes made by test takers.Advice about getting ready for the day of your TOEIC test.Exercises for every TOEIC Speaking and Writing Question Type.

In the same format as those in the TOEIC Test.Get accustomed to each TOEIC question type.Check your answers and read the tips to help you improve.Automatic checking of spelling and basic mistakes.Automatic checking of essay content relevance.Sample answers to give you better ideas.Simulation of the TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test.

Our TOEIC test simulator (practice test, mock test) to feel what doing a full TOEIC SW test is like.Randomly generated simulations for hours of practice.Check your answers, see where you make mistakes and become well accustomed to the TOEIC SW test.Simulator test code to allow teachers, friends or relatives help check your answers.Simulator test code [hover to learn more]Tips and advice for the TOEIC Speaking and Writing Test.

Tips and advice about answering the different TOEIC question types.Sample answers, question explanations and and advice to improve your speaking and writing skills.No special software needed only a microphone.English grammar and vocabulary exercises.

English grammar and vocabulary exercises with help and explanations.Specific exercises for common vocabulary used in the TOEIC test.Business English phrase and jargon exercises.English word pair, synonym and phrasal verb exercises.English idiom and idiomatic phrase exercises.Core skill: implication practice exercises.Core skill: unlimited missing word exercise generator.Core skill: intensive reading practice exercises.Check your answers and see where you make mistakes.Extra support for more benefit.

Qualified and friendly teacher and TOEIC administrator support by email.Discuss grammar problems, ask questions about the TOEIC Test.Communicate by email for extra practice in writing.

Informations complémentaires

Information sur le prix : Different memberships available. One price, all courses, all levels, for all students!

Schools, TOEIC Test Centers, Organisations. OnlineEnglish has a password protected administration area that allows you to adopt the training platform as your own. 

OnlineEnglish are always looking for partners. We offer special pricing and high opportunity for profit in addition to a training platform that will compliment the professionalism of your organisation.

Contact OnlineEnglish to discuss ideas, talk about how others use the platform, or generally to make contact. Freindly, professional and no obligation. It must work for all!

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Avez-vous besoin d'un coach de formation?

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TOEIC Preparation - Préparation au TOEIC

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