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      Online Postgraduate Degree in Marriage and Family Education (E-Mef)

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      Through this course, the Institute for Advanced Family Studies (IESF) offers a comprehensive study of family life, via a methodology which is suitable for parents and for professionals who work in the area of education or family enrichment.

      The online format provides a great deal of flexibility for students. They are able to follow the course easily due to its practical approach to the subjects. This course combines scientific research with the most practical aspects of family education while always respecting the personal dedication and the interests of each participant in the course.

      At the end of the course students will have acquired theoretical and practical knowledge about the family dimension of the individual, as well as some knowledge on pedagogy and family education.

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      · Quels sont les objectifs de cette formation?

      The aim of the Postgraduate Degree in Marriage and Family Education is to provide a solid anthropological foundation, based on which students will acquire the tools required to understand human dignity, marriage and the family.

      · À qui s'adresse-t-elle?

      Parents, Teachers, Therapists, Mediators, Counsellors, Advisors.

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      Educación familiar
      Relaciones humanas
      Aporta los conocimientos necesarios para los COF's
      Ofrece un estudio integral de la realidad Familiar
      Los fundamentos básicos de la antropología humana
      Conocimientos sobre la vida sensitiva e intelectiva
      Las propiedades del amor matrimonial
      El amor humano
      La comunicación en el ámbito familiar
      El concepto de familia
      Las características de la familia
      Los tipos de educación familiar
      La relación de la familia con la escuela
      crecimiento personal



      Unit 1. Philosophical Anthropology1. Who Are We? The Person

      2. How Are We? The Structure of the Person (I)
      3. How Are We? The Structure of the Person (II)
      4. How Are We? Fields of Human Action
      5. How Are We? We are Relational Beings
      6. What Are We for? The Meaning of Human Existence
      Unit 2. Anthropology of Marriage7. The Anthropological Basis of Marriage

      8. The Person as a Sexuate Being
      9. The Characteristics of Marital Love
      10. Matrimonial Consent
      11. The Nature of Marriage
      12. The Family in Society

      Unit 3. Love Between a Man and a Woman: The Gift of Self13. Affirming the Person

      14. Toward the Fullness of Love
      15. The Sincere Gift of Self
      16. Human Communication
      17. Communication between the Family


      18. Building Character within the Home
      19. What Is Temperament?
      20. Understanding Your Child’s Temperament
      21. Sound Judgment
      22. Responsibility
      23. Courage
      24. Self-Mastery
      25. Fatherhood
      26. Intergenerational Relationships

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