MSc in Data Sciences & Business Analytics

Mastère spécialisé

À Cergy-Pontoise

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    Mastère spécialisé

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    1 An

CentraleSupélec is one of the best engineering schools in the world and it has parterned with ESSEC to provide a very innovative and comprehensive program. The program is proposed and coordinated by ESSEC Business School and Centrale-Supélec.

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Modalité: Formation initiale

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Date de début

Cergy-Pontoise ((95) Val-d'Oise)
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Avenue Bernard Hirsch B.P. 50105, 95021 cedex

Date de début


À propos de cette formation

The year is divided into trimesters: Trimester 1 is dedicated to the compulsory foundation courses Trimester 2 focuses on specialised courses in either business analytics or data sciences Trimester 3 offers excellence courses on trending topics in the field

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Les Avis

Les matières

  • Stratégie de l'entreprise
  • Data mining
  • Analytics

Le programme

From October to December, you will attend six core courses:

Courses offered at the
ESSEC Business School Campus

Courses offered at the
CentraleSupélec Campus

Big data analytics

This course will develop your analytical problem-solving skills and present you with the statistical methods needed to analyse and leverage multidimensional data.

Continuous & Discrete Optimization

Programming exercsises are covered in this course as well as the basic theory and methods for the solution of optimization problems, and lineair and non-lineair programming.

Forecasting & Predictive Analytics

This course develops your judgement and critical sense in order to be able to produce and evaluate operational forecasts, and understand how it all can go wrong.

Big Data Algorithms, Techniques & Platforms

This course will teach you all about big data management - algorithms , techniques and tools needed to support big data processing.

Strategic Business Analytics

This course will teach you to design, assess and manage business strategies and how to use quantitative techniques in a strategic consulting approach through real life case studies.

Machine learning

This course will give the opportunity to apply the course theory to real-world problems through group lab projects with a particular focus on statistical risk and its minimisation with respect to prediction function.

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MSc in Data Sciences & Business Analytics

20 000 € TTC