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Master In Microelectronics Technology And Manufacturing Management

Emse Tmpm
À Gardanne

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Typologie Master
Lieu Gardanne
Durée 1 An
  • Master
  • Gardanne
  • Durée:
    1 An

Objectifs: DEVELOP your area of expertise. UNDERSTAND the new technological challenges. MASTER the managerial tools and technical processes of microelectronics industry. ANSWER to emerging needs of microelectronics industry. BECOME operational in the microelectronics industry.
Destinataires: Program detail. The program is divided in two main parts : Fundamentals applications. (20 weeks duration) : Manufacturing Management. Semiconductor Devices. Technologies. Development of integrated. circuits. Technical improvement courses. Internship: (24 weeks durations)

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Gardanne ((13) Bouches-du-Rhône)
Result Of The Search In 880, Route de Mimet — F, 13541



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Master in Microelectronics Technology and Manufacturing Management, supported by STMicroelectronics and two renowned french engineer schools propose postgraduate program, development of integrated circuits, semiconductor devices and technologies…

* Get a strong industrial support
* Find a job in leading Microelectronics companies.
* Graduate from two of the most prestigious French Engineering Schools.
* Build your own international network
* Learn from leading industrial experts and renowned researchers.
* Be up to date in latest Microelectronics technologies.
* Get a wide vision of Microelectronics process chain

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