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Typologie Formation intensive
Niveau Niveau intermédiaire
Méthodologie En ligne
Heures de classe 40h
Durée 1 Mois
Début Dates au choix
  • Formation intensive
  • Niveau intermédiaire
  • En ligne
  • 40h
  • Durée:
    1 Mois
  • Début:
    Dates au choix

Objectifs: This course has been designed exclusively to study on line using the web and taking advantage of the latest 3D multimedia technology. The student will follow the lessons step by step through the window computer. As you will check the course is absolutely educational having more than one hundred video demos to make it real.
Destinataires: Though this On Line course in Sound Recording I it will be possible for the student to study in depth some knowledge related to basic principles, microphones, studio monitors, Amplifiers, Microphone Techniques, The mixing desk, The mixing desk signal route, Equalization, Compressors and Limiters, Reverberation and Delay, Multi-Effects, Outboard Devices, The patch panel and cables, Analogue recording, Multi-track recording, Synthesizers, Digital Audio, Midi Systems, Mastering and Room Acoustics

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En ligne
Début Dates au choix
En ligne

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Previous knowlegde about audio is not necessary

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Sergio Adriá
Sergio Adriá
Sound Engineer

Sergio studied at MUR Productions . He worked as a sound engineer from 1990 to 1994 in different studios around Valencia during 95/96 in Valencia. In June 1997 he became a qualified specialist in Image and Sound Engineering. In April 2000 he obtained his Diploma qualification as an Audio and Sound System Engineer from the University of Valencia. In November 2000 he attended the Advanced Recording Workshop Course at the Recording Workshop in London. Currently he is coordinating the ars courses.


This is an introductory sound engineering course in which you will learn about the basics of the essential uses procedures and equipment of both analogue and digital sound recording. Furthermore you will study the theory and applied practises of such subjects as line-in, routing, settings and post-production techniques.


- Basic principles in sound
- Microphones
- Loudspeakers
- Amplifiers
- Microphone techniques
- The mixer desk
- Signal path
- Equalization
- Dynamics processors
- Delay and reverb
- Multieffects
- Connections map
- Patch bay
- Weld, cables and connectors
- Basic Recording
- Multi-track recording
- Sinthesizers
- Digital audio, an introduction
- Midi systems
- Mastering
- Room acoustics
- Synchronyzation

Information supplémentaire

the course is only in English, but is the only online course with personal tutor.The course final exam and diploma possibility.

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