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    Concours écoles

  • Durée

    12 Mois

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To help students find their leadership identity and test their leadership skills across cultures under the savoir-relier™ protocol.
To understand and practice strategic leadership questions from a Personal, Interpersonal, Organizational and Social perspective.
To explore the borders and connections between pioneering leadership and entrepreneurship.
To capture organizational leadership by diving into the reality of Pernod Ricard’s strategic leadership.

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1 Rue de Libération 78351 Jouy en Josas - France, 78351

Date de début

SeptembreInscriptions ouvertes

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Les matières

  • Leadership
  • Leadership stratégique
  • Management

Le programme

Program Details


Pedagogical Principles

The Leadership Certificate program requires intense engagement and dedication to performance and hard work from every individual. Motivation and a genuine interest in understanding and growing responsible leadership are conditional to program participation. The benefits of the Certificate are proportionate to the quality of work and outputs produced by the participants.

In this program, participants take a step back to look inside themselves and analyze their own leadership style and path. Every participant is placed in situations of leadership to test his/her skills. Participants learn about leadership principles applied to real-life situations in life and in business. They also engage in self-evaluation, peer-evaluation and feedback. Each team has a leadership role in the form of missions.

Using action research principles, the certificate will operate like a Lab where students will be in turn subjects and objects of research about their leadership potential. The pedagogical relationship between the “Resources” (faculty, experts, executives, documents and data…) and the students is similar to the Oxford Colleges approach: students work on knowledge acquisition both individually and as a team under the guidance of and exchange with their resources and mentors.

The program includes 100 contact hours of interactive learning.

Leadership Areas

Anticipated themes include:

  • Lead with “Savoir-relier™”: self-awareness, search for sense
  • Effective communication
  • Leadership and Teams
  • Lead across cultures
  • Futures’ analysis
  • Leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Leading in a global world (different industries/sectors/countries)
  • Strategic Leadership/crisis/conflicts
  • Crisis management
  • Leadership, power and influence
  • Ethics and leadership

Specific Missions and Deliverables

  • Deliver Live Case recommendations for competition and jury - ALL Teams: presentation and report –June 5-6
  • Each team will produce a 6’ film tracing the Team’s leadership journey and offer a picture of the personal and organizational leadership questions addressed in the course of the certificate
  • Each individual will have a chance to test his or her leadership skills in action and receive feedback to better understand and improve their skills.

Live Case

Each team will compete over a specific live business case driven by Pernod Ricard’s Leadership strategy and written by head faculty.

A live case poses a real and current strategic problem or question within an organization. The case has no found solution and is an on-going issue for the company. It reflects the complexity of strategic management and leadership in organizations. Students are faced with real-life issues and must deal with questions of uncertainty and time pressure as every leader or manager faces. Their contribution involves: to research the context and environment of the case (including benchmark); to present their reflections and analyses with a view to helping the company representatives in the resolution or advancement of the case; to challenge the status quo and bring an independent “fresh” viewpoint on the case questions. All information contained in the case is under absolute confidentiality agreement. Each participant will sign an NDA with Pernod Ricard prior to accessing information.

The themes chosen for the 2014 live-case edition of the Certificate are: Impact of the Digital Acceleration on organizational and individual leadership and responsible drinking strategies.

Role of Mentors and Resources

  • Mentors: One faculty/expert is mentoring each team. One PR Mentor will supervise all teams.
  • Resources: people who help bring content gathered for the purpose of the certificate and posted on the platform.

Immersion @ Pernod Ricard

  • Keynote with Alex Ricard on April 24th 17h30-19h30 followed by cocktail for all and a private dinner with 8 team leaders and HEC executives.
  • Session 1 at Headquarters, April 29: Team search and work on Pernod Ricard leadership model, HR and CSR with interaction on Digital acceleration
  • Session 2 at Mumm’s, May 13 (theme to be discussed)
  • Jury in presence of Pernod Ricard executives, June 6.

Academic Team

Faculty and experts

  • Deborah Ancona, Professor of Organization Studies Director, MIT Leadership Center, MIT Sloan
  • Christelle Bitouzet, Affiliate Professor, Academic Head of EMBA English Track, HEC Paris
  • Xavier Boute, Affiliate Professor of Economics - Decision Science, HEC Paris
  • Patrick Delamaire, Affiliate Professor
  • Philippe Gaud, Affiliate Professor of Management and Human Resources, HEC Paris
  • Valérie Gauthier, Associate Professor, Head of Leadership Chair, HEC Paris
  • Jérémy Ghez, Affiliate Professor of Economics - Decision Science, HEC Paris
  • Dominique Hadria, CEO, Come on scope
  • Thomas Négrel, Adjunct Professor of Finance, HEC Paris


  • CEOs
  • Athletes
  • Artists
  • Philosophers
  • Sociologists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • ...
  • Google+

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Leadership Certificate

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