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Financial Statement Analysis

Unimaster International University Business School
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Objectifs: Mastering the balance sheet analysis Dominate the analysis of profit and loss account Dominate the analysis of the profitability of a company.
Destinataires: People with business experience, college degree or professional, as well as mid-level general education (High School)

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Item 1. Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis

  • Specific purpose
  • Purpose derived:
  • Information necessary for proper analysis
  • Basics
  • Difficulties and limitations in the analysis process. Solutions
  • Weather Derivatives
  • Derived from human factor
  • Derived from the volume of global information to be handled

Item 2. Balance sheet analysis

  • Objectives of the analysis of the balance sheet
  • Analysis of creditworthiness.
  • Analysis of indebtedness and liability structure
  • Analysis of the structure and return on assets
  • Asset Performance Analysis
  • What is the structural analysis of balance?
  • What is the structural analysis of balance?
  • Differences between static analysis and dynamic analysis

Item 3. Analysis of profit and loss account

  • Objectives of the analysis of the income
  • Static analysis
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Budget analysis
  • The point of balance. Definition and calculation

Item 4. Profitability analysis

  • Profitability. Definition and Types
  • Profitability (ROA)
  • Return on equity (ROE) (return on equity)

Item 5. Analysis of working capital

  • Working capital. Definition and calculation

Item 6. Overview of financial statements

  • Performing comprehensive analysis of financial statements
  • The sectoral ratios

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