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Typologie Master 1 et 2
Méthodologie En ligne
Durée 2 Ans
Crédits 60
Campus virtuel Oui
Examens présentiels Oui
  • Master 1 et 2
  • En ligne
  • Durée:
    2 Ans
  • Crédits: 60
  • Campus virtuel
  • Examens présentiels

The Executive Master in EU Studies is a multi-disciplinary two-year (60 ECTS) curriculum, which offers flexible study paths and methods for professionals, postgraduates and officials who are pursuing their careers at the same time.

Our participants receive structured knowledge of EU fundamentals and a focus on selected priority issues for an in-depth understanding and future-oriented approach to EU integration. With more than 10 years of experience in blended learning, we offer teaching, research and professional skills training combining e-learning, face-to-face workshops and individual supervision for best learning outcomes.

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Modalité: Formation continue

Foire aux questions

· Quels sont les objectifs de cette formation?

Our Curriculum – structured and focussed: The first year offers a range of compulsory and optional courses in EU history, political science, economics, EU law, lobbying, sustainable development and more. The second year combines high level teaching in the chosen specialisation with either a research track, leading to a Master’s thesis or a professional track, intensifying skills and competences for the labour market.

· À qui s'adresse-t-elle?

This programme is an ideal training and an additional qualification for professionals, postgraduates and junior officials interested in/or already working in the field of European integration.

· Prérequis

All applicants must hold a relevant university degree (minimum three years of study at university level) and have a good command of English (programme’s working language).

· Diplôme

Participants who successfully complete the programme are awarded two certifications: - Executive Master in EU Studies: this is the diploma of CIFE as a private institute of higher education, certifying the successful completion of the academic curriculum and granting 60 ECTS. - The degree qualification Chargé de mission en organisations européennes et internationales (Policy Officer in European and International organisations). This qualification is recognized by the French state. It is registered in the French national register of professional qualifications (RNCP), which lists all diplomas, degrees and professional titles recognized by France.The qualification is recognized as a degree at Master level (level 7 of the European qualifications Framework EQF).

· Qu'est-ce qui différencie cette formation des autres ?

The Executive Master in EU Studies offers a different brand of higher education than national universities. Participants come from a great variety of countries and backgrounds. Over two years, they share a unique academic experience, by working in constant exchange with our renowned experts. Every three months, they gather for a face-to-face workshop, each time in a different city, by discovering the diversity of current Europe and creating an international network among themselves. At the end of the two-year curriculum, they have not only acquired expert knowledge about the EU, but they have also gained a close insight into the realities of today's Europe. The Executive Master follows an original educational concept, by blending high-level academic teaching with insights into the professional world and practical trainings delivered by experienced practitioners. It combines the methodological rigour of an academic graduate programme with the interactive learning tools necessary to acquire skills in negotiating, drafting policy papers and defending positions. Participants not only carry out their individual research, but also learn how to manage an international project.

· Que se passe-t-il après une demande d'informations?

Réponse dans les 2 jours.

Qu'apprend-on avec cette formation ?

Négociation internationale
Rédaction de rapports
Gestion de projets
Droit européen
Développement durable
Compétences de gestion
Relations internationales
Économie internationale
Affaires européennes
Affaires internationales


Andras Inotai
Andras Inotai
Research professor and research director, Institute of World Economics

Hartmut Marhold
Hartmut Marhold
Directeur de la Recherche et du Dévelopement, CIFE

Ingolf Pernice
Ingolf Pernice
Walter Hallstein-Institute for European Constitutional Law

Wolfgang Wessels
Wolfgang Wessels
Jean Monnet Chairholder for Political Science at Cologne University


First study year:
The first term introduces to the basic courses necessary to understand the European integration:

  • History of European Integration
  • The institutional architecture of the EU
  • Introduction to EU law

The second and third term are composed of compulsory courses:

  • EU Law in action: leading cases- Internal Market and Competition
  • The EU in world politics
  • The enlargement of EU: experiences, processes and impact
  • Simulation of a summit of EU Council

and elective courses:

  • Transition and Regional developments
  • Sustainable development in EU
  • Justice and home affairs, refugees and migrants in times of crisis
  • Economic Dimension of the EU integration

Second study year:
Participants follow advanced courses during the first term:

  • Explaining the institutional evolution of the EU: drivers and barriers
  • The European Union facing global economic challenges
  • EU Citizenship - a constitutional status of fundamental rights, economic freedom and solidarity

and choose:
- the professional track and chose their specialisation between EU law, Political Science and Economics with the following courses:

  • The EU as global actor: roles in international organisations and negociations dealing with international crises and neighbourhood conflicts
  • Cohesion and differenciation - internal cohesion of the EU
  • Internal Market, Trade and Sustainability

as well as course assignments and a final paper.


- the research track in either EU law, Political Science or Economics and write their Master's thesis in a topic of their interest with close supervision of their professors.

During the academic programme participants not only gain first hand academic knowledge in the specific areas of study, they also acquire a number of skills and professional competences.

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We also offer an "early bird" application fee! The deadline for the "early bird" discount is June 30th, 2018.

If you have any questions concerning our programmes, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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