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Why is this happening to me again?

Acorn to Oak
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If you are constantly asking yourself ‘Why is this happening to me again?’ this course, recently added in Emagister catalogue, could finally give you the answers you were looking for.

Sometimes we may feel in a groove, with no control of the outcomes, keeping doing the same mistakes. We cannot seem to be able to help ourselves and we keep acting in ways, knowing that we will only make things worse.

With the help of this program, you will finally find the solution to your problems! An expert in the field of emotional, spiritual and personal development will guide you and support you, helping you find the answers you were looking for.

Visit and find out more about this opportunity!

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Quels sont les objectifs de la formation?

Are your relationships affected by the patterns in your life? Have you noticed that a situation experienced earlier in life is later repeated in a similar way with yet another person? For example, did your first boyfriend/girlfriend fall madly in love with you, then suddenly cool, leaving you feeling wounded and alone? Have you experienced a similar pattern with another loved one in a subsequent relationship? While relationships are a common place for life patterns, these recurrences -whether welcome or unwelcome -show up in many other areas as well. For example, have you ever had an experience where everything you attempted worked out just beautifully? Maybe it was a time when you successfully completed an exam, played a great game of tennis, or experienced your heartfelt communications happily received by a loved one. Can you also remember a time when you felt somewhat like a failure? Maybe it was a time when you failed to complete a work project, bogeyed almost every hole in a round of golf, or felt rejected by your mate. In this workshop, you will discover specific ways for uncovering the source of the unwelcome patterns in your life, and learn practical, step-by-step ways to change them. We can better understand these patterns by understanding the way a player piano works. Like a regular piano, a player piano has 88 keys but, when a music roll is in place, it can play only those notes, which correspond to holes punched in the roll. That music roll is the pattern for the tune we hear. Although the player piano, itself, has the capacity to play any song, its repertoire is restricted as long as the music roll is in place. In much the same way, although we human beings have the innate capacity to make beautiful music- to live lives of almost limitless accomplishment and expression -all too often we are limited by our patterns.

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13 janv. 2019
New Milton
Hampshire, England
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Début 13 janv. 2019
New Milton
Hampshire, England
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While some patterns produce exhilarating, uplifting melodies, many others confine us to a monotonous range, which results in our living only a muted echo of the brilliant, transcendent resonance of which we are capable.

These patterns show up in all areas of life, constricting our relationships, dulling our spontaneity, impairing our productivity, limiting our finances, and squelching our creativity.

Because most of us have experienced our patterns since birth or early childhood, however, we often fail to realise that our lives could be different. Observing recurring patterns in the lives of others can sometimes help us become aware of our own patterns.

Perhaps it manifests in your relationships, your health, your finances, or in another area.

Have you ever wondered what causes these difficult patterns? What can explain them? What can be done about them? Is there a way to identify a pattern in your life and then change it so that you enjoy a happier experience next time?

These are the questions we will address in this workshop as we investigate repetitive and puzzling patterns in the lives of numerous people.

The case studies included here provide surprising, sometimes astonishing and, most importantly, encouraging answers to these questions.