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Lieu New milton (England)
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  • New milton (England)
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Emagister helps you receive the higher energy through additional training in Advanced Healing Techniques, Psychic development, Spiritual development and Self Realisation with the new Reiki 3 Pathway course!

This programme creates a clear Pathway before attuning you to Reiki Master Energy. When attuned to the Reiki Master energy, you will integrate the energy joyously, safely and with ease. For all that this course encourages you to raise your own vibration at your own pace.

If you wish, imagine a 3 watt light bulb suddenly receiving 200 watts of electricity. The light bulb would blow due to the increased amount of energy. With this in mind, the Reiki Three Pathway ensures that you are ready and able to safely receive the increased energy flows within their own energy fields.

Do you feel ready to receive the Reiki energy? Visit and discover how!

Infos importantes
Quels sont les objectifs de la formation?

Reiki 3 Pathway includes all sub-courses detailed below: Psychic Development; Spiritual Development; Advanced Healing Techniques; Self Realisation; Reiki Mastership; Reiki Master Teacher.

Cette formation est-elle faite pour moi?

This course if for the complete Reiki Package and pathway to become a Reiki Teacher.

Quel est le processus d'inscription?

One of the team at Acorn to Oak will be in contact to answer any questions you have on the course and how to book.

Conditions: Reiki One and Reiki Two.

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New Milton
Hampshire, England
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Début Dates au choix
New Milton
Hampshire, England
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Qu'apprend-on avec cette formation ?

Energy Healing
Life Coaching
Database Management
Energy Efficiency
Logistics Management
Marketing Strategy
Organizational Skills
Alternative Medicine
Life Philosophy
Alternative Energy
Materials Management
Reiki Symbols
Distance Healing
Healing Sounds
Reiki Symbology


Day 1 & 2 
  •  Reflecting on the Mastership training - teasing out the Gold.
  •  Gaining clarity over the type of Reiki Master/Teaching Practice you would like to create.
  •  Teaching Materials required to create a successful training session.
  •  Logistics and how to organise them. Lists and preparation.
  •  Do I really need a classroom box?
  •  Creating processes for pre-coursework, post-course follow-up. What to include.
  •  How to do Basic Marketing.
  •  Database Collection.
  •  How to use Mailshots, what to send and when.
  •  How to create speaking engagements and engage with the audiences.
  •  The power of regular webinars and creating your own tribe of loyal students.
  •  Finding your unique selling points.
  •  The power of Networking / Creating your pitch.
  •  Website development. How to create copy that sells your courses.
  •  The Do's and Don'ts of what to charge for treatments and courses.
  •  Residential vs non-residential courses.
  •  Changing from being a star to becoming a superstar.
  •  Welcome to Becoming a Spiritual Entrepreneur.
 After each weekend there will be a mentorship session for 1 hour with your assigned mentor and these observations and co-facilitations need to be completed prior to day 3 of the Teacher Training.  

Day 3 
  • Day 3 of this training is to organised by each individual student with the Reiki Master/Teacher training team, headed by Pennie Quaile-Pearce and to be contacted via Acorn to Oak.
  •  You will do a Reiki Teacher Assessment during this day which will be a three hour session with your mentor and Acorn to Oak's examination board.
 A plan for your Continuous Professional Development will be discussed and planned. Any further supervision which maybe needed will be highlighted and scheduled.

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Courses are set up based on interest, please contact to discuss further