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Post Graduate diploma in Garbh sanskar

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Typologie Postgraduate
Méthodologie En ligne
Durée 12 Months
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  • Postgraduate
  • En ligne
  • Durée:
    12 Months
  • Début:
    Dates au choix
  • Campus virtuel
  • Envoi de matériel d'apprentissage
  • Service d'information
  • Tuteur personnel
  • Classes virtuelles

Garbh sanskar Training Program is a course on how should mothers educate their babies since their very pregnancy. It is one of the latest postgraduate courses Emagister has added to its catalogue.

Modern gynaechology does not account on the mother's emotions regarding their pregnancy and giving birth. With this course you will be prepared for being an expert on ayurvedic pregnancy and will be able to work as an assistant on this speciality. Garbh sanskar is an important contribution to medicine and gyneachology, as it teaches mothers to educate their babies inside their wombs. Mothers then achieve mental, emotional and even physical development, and this good health reflects on the child's future health and birth. The course is very helpful for future parents too, as according to Indian culture it teaches them that future personality and education starts from the womb, so it is a good start to educate a future child, and also a very interesting way to insist on the mother's positive thoughts and amotions regarding her pregnancy and delivery., where we help you to take a step further in many different fields and careers!

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All Graduates, MBBS, BDS, BHMS, BAMS, BPT, BUMS, Pharmacy, Occupational Therapist, Bsc, Msc, Life science, Nursing, Microbiology, and all professionals working with Hospitals & Healthcare Organizations.

Conditions: Successful candidates would get the placement support. CVs of successful candidates would be forwarded to various Organizations.





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The GIHS certification objectives are to prepare candidates with update knowledge and skill in the field of ayurveda. It will develop skills in brief regarding all the procedure in Garbhsanskar. The advantages of garbh sanskar are not only that you educate your child and there is development of a bond between the mother and the child. In fact, this has a great impact on the health of the mother also. The positive thinking and attitude promotes physical well being of the mother.
Career Options:Assistant in Ayurveda ClinicAssistant in Garbhsankar Clinic or OrganizationParental Education