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Do you want to work in the vibrant world of pharmacy? The International Career Institute offers this course in Pharmacy Assistant training, where you will learn about human anatomy, nutrition or medical terminology.

The course provides an opportunity to interact with and learn from highly qualified and experienced professionals. The retail pharmacy is a vital health advisory centre in which graduates play an important role in. The course assists you to enter a respected profession which continues to grow from strength to strength.

Do not hesitate to ask for more information through Emagister’s website and an assessor will get in touch with you!

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Anyone with a dream and desire to succeed in becoming a pharmacy assistant

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Sue Manning
Le meilleur de la formation: I found that the framework and material was simple to comprehend. This course has likewise provoked a major enthusiasm for me to peruse further on the subjects on an individual and expert level.
À améliorer: No negative comments.
Formation effectuée: Avril 2016
Recommanderiez-vous cette centre de formation ?: oui
Roy McNee
Le meilleur de la formation: The format of the lessons made the course easy to apprehend and thoroughgoing. I am looking forward to a great professional opportunities.
À améliorer: Nothing.
Formation effectuée: Juillet 2016
Recommanderiez-vous cette centre de formation ?: oui
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Pharmacy Technician
Pharmacy Assistant
Health Management
Customer Service Skills
Customer Care
Customer Service
Diet food
Medical terminology
Medical training
Interpersonal Communication
Chemical Industry
Chemistry Research
Chemical analysis
Chemical research


Course Outline: What You Will Cover

1          Medical Terminology

·         Medical Definitions, Prefixes & Glossary

·         Abbreviations & Acronyms

·         Using Medical Terminology

·         Human Systems & Anatomical Divisions

·         Pharmacology

2          Human Anatomy & Physiology

·         The Nerves System

·         The Muscular System

·         The Skeletal System

·         The Digestive System

·         Blood and Blood Pressure

·         The Skeletal System

·         Cells & Tissue

·         Physiology of Pulmonary Ventilation

3          Nutrition

·         Vitamins & Minerals

·         Diet & Food Processing

4          Risk Management

·         Developing and Managing Risk Prevention measures – Diet & Food Processing

5          Common Illnesses

·         Medical information ranging from illnesses and conditions such as asthma and acne to erectile dysfunction and the common cold – Diet & Food Processing

6          History of Pharmacy

·         Evolution & Future of Pharmacy

·         Origins of the Pharmacy Store

·         Patient Care Era

7          Customer Service in a Retail Pharmacy

·         Interacting With Customers

·         Face-to-Face Customer Service

·         Telephone Customer Service

·         The Difficult / Angry Customer

8          Sales in Retail Pharmacy

·         Communication and Conversational Selling

·         Knowing Your Product

·         How to Close a Sale

Course Review

If you are a motivated individual who believe in hard work, have excellent organizational skills, and genuinely care for customers, then a career as a pharmacy assistant may be right for you! Pharmacy assistants enjoy stable and rewarding careers that are indispensable in the health care industry. If this career option sparks your interest, start by enrolling in ICI’s pharmacy assistant course.

How Will You Benefit?

•  Free up valuable time, don't wast time and money travelling to classes
•  Study at your own pace whenever and wherever you are
•  Study a course that was designed in consultation with the industry
•  Have access to a tutor who works in the industry you are training for
•  Easy interest free payment plans

Career Prospects

The Bureau of Statistics projected the fast growth of employment opportunities for pharmacy assistants. Since more and more people today are realising the importance of physical well-being and are relying on prescription medicines, the need for pharmacy staff also increases.

ICI’s pharmacy assistant course arms you with skills needed to perform various tasks assigned to pharmacy assistants. It also teaches you how to build your career in this industry. If you wish to be part of a fast-growing industry, then inquire about ICI’s pharmacy assistant course today!

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