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Nutritional Genetics and Epigenetics

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Power your knowledge with continuing education. Taught by scientists and PhDs. Is it possible to eat right for your genes? Do your inherited genes influence whether you should continue drinking coffee – or ditch it? How much folate do we need to survive? Are your food preferences genetic? Could the foods you eat change your DNA?

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Le meilleur de la formation: An interesting course that gives great insight on nutrition and healthy eating.
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Formation effectuée: Février 2018
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Rosalie Olivarez
Le meilleur de la formation: The course on nutrition was really an impactful lesson in my life. It not only provided knowledge but also motivated myself to stay fit.
À améliorer: -
Formation effectuée: Juin 2018
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Michelle McCluskey
Le meilleur de la formation: I have got quite a good amount of knowledge from the course. The amazing fact is that I won the scholarship as well.
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Formation effectuée: Mars 2018
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J Smith
Le meilleur de la formation: Though this course was short but had a compact content which provided a lot of information about nutrition.
À améliorer: -
Formation effectuée: Novembre 2018
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Joanne Ramsey
Le meilleur de la formation: The first online course experience, it's easy to use and very interesting.
À améliorer: nothing to improve
Formation effectuée: Février 2018
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Ready To Power Your Continuing Education?

Learn about whether you should tailor your diet around your inherited genes, to whether the foods you eat change your DNA !

Contains the following Continuing Education modules:

  • Coffee and Genetics 
  • Genetics of Food Preferences
  • Nutritional Epigenetics 
  • Nutritional Genetics 
  • Folate and Genetics 
Coffee and Genetics

Coffee has received a lot of attention regarding its “contradictory” health risks and benefits. In a sea of conflicting information, how can you know if it’s good for you – or not? Let’s dive into new and exciting discoveries to find out.

In this module you will learn…
  • Whether or not coffee is good for you If our genes can influence how we react to coffee
  • Which influences our wellness – coffee vs caffeine
  • Who might see a benefit from drinking coffee and who may want to limit their intake 

Genetics of Food Preferences

We all have favourite foods… and those we dislike. But could taste perception be in our genes? Were you born to taste foods differently? Let’s find out if your tastes for much-loved foods (or least-wanted ones) were pre-determined by your DNA!

In this module you will learn…
  • Whether genetics could explain our individual food preferences
  • Why some of us prefer sweet foods over savoury foods
  • What carrying the “sweet tooth” gene might mean for you
  • Whether it’s possible to override our genes and train ourselves to like foods we find unpleasant

Nutritional Epigenetics

What would you say if we told you that the “nature” part (your genes) could also be nurtured? Could the foods you eat change your DNA? If so, how? Begin learning about the latest nutrigenetic discoveries!

In this module you will learn…
  • Whether the foods you eat could change your DNA
  • What determines who you are: nature vs nurture
  • How our genes are switched “on” or “off” 
  • Whether we’re really doomed by our inherited genes
  • What bioactive food compounds are and whether they can really change our DNA
  • Whether our genetic expression is fixed from birth
  • Which foods may give us an added physiological benefit, beyond that of meeting nutritional needs

Nutritional Genetics
Have you ever wondered why some of us thrive on protein-rich diets, while others do better with dairy or carbohydrates? Might your distant ancestral past hold the key? We dive into evolutionary genetics to find the answers!

In this module you will learn…
  • Whether it’s possible to eat right for our genes If your inherited genes might influence whether certain foods are good or bad for you
  • Whether we can really blame our Palaeolithic ancestors for our gluten sensitivity 
  • Which sneaky gene makes the low-carb ketogenic diet risky for some
  • Whether some of us might carry the “vegetarian gene”, and what it does
  • Gluten, lactose, saturated fat, fructose, folate, alcohol, caffeine: whether our genes might shape our ability to process these without ill effects 
  • The kind of genetic testing you can do, and how it can help

Folate and Genetics
You’ve probably heard a lot about how important folate is as part of a balanced diet, but what does this vitamin actually do in your body? And what can you do if you have “faulty” genes that prevent you from using it properly?

In this module you will learn…
  • Why we should care about folate and folic acid
  • How much folate we need to survive
  • What happens if we have a gene mutation that prevents our body from using folate properly 
  • Whether folic acid supplements cause cancer