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Microsoft 70-486: Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications

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Employers worldwide are searching for IT professionals with validated skills. With a Microsoft certification in hand, you'll certainly stand out from the crowd.

In this course, students will learn to develop advanced ASP.NET MVC applications and prepare for the Microsoft 70-486 exam. This course covers training on web development, C Sharp, HTML and CSS, SQL Server, JavaScript, Object Based JavaScript, Model View and Controller, and jQuery.

After completing this course, you will learn the skills and knowledge required to work effectively in a professional IT environment and prepare for the Microsoft 70-486 exam.

The great thing about our Microsoft 70-486: Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Application course is that you are in charge of your start and finish date, with no deadline pressures!

We train our students to the very best standards, offering expert instructor-led training via our state of the art eLearning platform.

By achieving the Microsoft 70-486: Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Application certification, you will create more career opportunities and be better positioned when applying for work.

Enrol today and prepare for a future you deserve.WHY STUDY WITH MY TRAINING ACADEMY?

Flexible training- study anytime, anywhere and from any device.
Expert Instructor-Led TrainingÐ our courses are delivered by the finest instructors with a minimum of 15 years real-world experience and are subject matter experts in their field, which is why we have a 97.4% pass rate.
Visual Demonstrations & Multimedia PresentationsÐ allows students to develop their skills based on real world scenarios explained by the instructor.
Quizzes & Exam SimulatorsÐ custom practice exams to prepare students for their final exams. We offer practice quizzes after each module to ensure students are confident before proceeding to the next topic.
Social Learning & NetworkingÐ world class learning management system allows students to interact and collaborate with other...

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Ideal for Microsoft developers that are ready to start building enterprise web applications.

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Module 1: Introduction to Web Development
1.1 Course and Instructor Introduction
1.2 ASP.Net Using Visual Studio
1.3 ASP.Net Tools in Visual Studio
1.4 ASP.Net Data Validation Part 1
1.5 ASP.Net Data Validation Part 2
1.6 ASP.Net Web User Control
1.7 ASP.Net Creating Web Service
1.8 ASP.Net Web Service Explained
1.9 Classes DefinedModule 2: C Sharp
2.1 Intro to C Sharp
2.2 Functions in C Sharp
2.3 If Statements in C Sharp
2.4 Static Variables in C Sharp
2.5 Loops in C Sharp
2.6 Debugging in C Sharp
2.7 Introduction to Windows Forms in C Sharp
2.8 More Windows Forms in C Sharp
2.9 Windows Forms Controls in C Sharp
2.10 Object Oriented Programming in C Sharp
2.11 Constructors and Destructors in C Sharp
2.12 Members of a Class in C Sharp
2.13 Class Inheritance in C Sharp
2.14 Abstract Classes in C Sharp
2.15 Enumerations in C Sharp
2.16 Exception Handling in C Sharp
2.17 Creating XML Documents in C Sharp
2.18 Putting it All Together in a File in C SharpModule 3: HTML and CSS Comprehensive Review
3.1 Intro to HTML
3.2 HTML Markup
3.3 Lists in HTML
3.4 Links in HTML
3.5 Tables in HTML
3.6 Forms in HTML
3.7 Intro to CSS
3.8 CSS Colour PropertiesModule 4: Intro to SQL Server
4.1 Databases Defined
4.2 Tables Defined
4.3 Basic Query Optimization
4.4 Defining and Using Store Procedures
4.5 Creating Stored Procedure
4.6 Executing Store Procedure from C Sharp
4.7 Executing Store Procedure from ASP.Net
4.8 Changing ASP.Net Interface to Retrieve Data Part 1
4.9 Changing ASP.Net Interface to Retrieve Data Part 2Module 5: Java Script a Comprehensive Introduction
5.1 Intro to Java Script
5.2 Using Java Script for Data Validation
5.3 Using Java Script to Manipulate Documents
5.4 Variables in Java Script
5.5 If Statements in Java Script
5.6 Logical Operators in Java Script
5.7 If Else Statements in Java Script
5.8 Switch Statements in Java Script
5.9 For Loops in Java Script
5.10 For and While Loops in Java ScriptModule 6: Object Based Java Script
6.1 Working with String Object
6.2 More on String Object
6.3 The Math Object
6.4 Creating Your Own Objects
6.5 String Manipulation in Java Script
6.6 Programming the Browser in Java Script
6.7 Browser Versions in Java Script
6.8 Working with Forms in Java ScriptModule 7: Model View and Controller
7.1 MVC Mindset
7.2 MVC: Defined
7.3 Create an MVC Project
7.4 MVC Project Initial Walkthrough
7.5 MVC Building Routes
7.6 MVC Approach
7.7 Controllers
7.8 Controllers from Scratch
7.9 MVC Routing
7.10 MVC Routing Constraints
7.11 Routing Constraint Attributes
7.12 MVC Attribute RoutingModule 8: A Comprehensive Introduction to jQuery
8.1 What is jQuery
8.2 jQuery Effects
8.3 Get and Set Elements in jQuery
8.4 Add and Remove Elements in jQuery
8.5 CSS in jQuery
8.6 Ancestors and DescendantsModule 9: Course Review
9.1 MVC Best Practices
9.2 Testing the Application
9.3 Writing for Production
9.4 Review: Web Development
9.5 Review: C Sharp
9.6 Review: HTML and CSS
9.7 Review: SQL Server
9.8 Review: Java Script
9.9 Review: Software Development Lifecycle
9.10 Review: Design Patterns
9.11 Review: jQuery
9.12 ConclusionENTRY REQUIREMENTSA minimum of two to three years of experience developing web-based applications by using Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft ASP.NET, proficiency in using the .NET Framework, and some familiarity with the C# language.MULTI-USER TRAINING PACKAGESThis online course can be integrated in your professional training plan. M.T.A. can provide you with a tailored learning solution, that can be customised to meet each team member's requirements. Choosing a multi-user training package, you can get significant discounts for 5+ users and even further discounts for 10+ users Ð and an excellent return on your investment.