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Master's Programme in Strategic Business Development

University of Vaasa
À Vaasa City (Finland)
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Typologie Formation
Lieu Vaasa city (Finland)
Durée 2
Début Août 2019
  • Formation
  • Vaasa city (Finland)
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    Août 2019

Emagister adds to its catalogue a Master's Programme in Strategic Business Development, which is designed for those pursuing a successful career.

This is an EPAS accredited Master’s Programme in Strategic Business Development is your stepping stone to business. The programme will offer you in-depth knowledge related to the management of strategic processes, which can be applied in service and manufacturing companies, business consulting and research institutions.

The Master's Programme in Strategic Business Development provides knowledge on managing the business development processes by offering courses focused on three key areas: new business opportunity recognition, business planning, and strategy implementation.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn all the keys aspects from risk management to corporate finance! To know more about this Master you should contact emagister.co.uk.

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Quels sont les objectifs de la formation?

Studies in strategic business development offer a holistic view of the strategic operations of a company; they are valuable regardless of the position and career the student is aiming at. Graduates of the programme will possess the skills required at middle and upper management level. The studies foster performance-based thinking and enhance skills in developing and implementing strategy. Studies strengthen students’ know-how in analysing various strategic alternatives.
An intensive two-year programme leads to a degree in Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration.

Cette formation est-elle faite pour moi?

Students with a genuine interest in business development and strategy, planning to develop a successful business in the future.

Conditions: Bachelor's degree in appropriate field. If the degree is not in the field of Business, a minimum of 35 ECTS of Business Studies is required.

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Début Lieu
Vaasa City
Wolffintie 34, FI65200, South Finland - Helsinki, Finland
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Début Ao-2019
Vaasa City
Wolffintie 34, FI65200, South Finland - Helsinki, Finland
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Qu'apprend-on avec cette formation ?

Business Development
Financial Management
Corporate Finance
Marketing Strategy
Diversity Management
Accounting and Finance
Financing Services
Economic Theory
Cross-cultural management


The study programme comprises 120 ECTS credits leading to a master's degree in business studies.

The programme can be completed in two years.

SBD Programme Structure in general

  • Compulsory Strategic Business Development Courses (50 ECTS)
  • Optional Strategic Business Development Courses (select at least 22 ECTS)
  • Master's Thesis Research (30 ECTS)
  • Methodological Studies (8 ECTS)
  • Language and General Studies (10 ECTS)