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Master's Degree Programme in Finance

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À Vaasa City (Finland)
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Lieu Vaasa city (Finland)
Durée 2
Début Août 2019
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  • Vaasa city (Finland)
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    Août 2019

The Master's Degree Programme in Finance just added to the Emagister directory is the perfect opportunity for you to improve your Finance and Management skills!

This programme focuses on the theory of finance and financial analysis from an international perspective and provides an overview of corporate finance, investments, and option pricing.

The career prospects of accounting and finance graduates are excellent worldwide. Graduates from the Master’s Degree Programme in Finance have been very successful in their careers in Finland and internationally.

Follow the link you have on and you will find all the information you need about this course without any obligation.

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Quels sont les objectifs de la formation?

The programme equips students with all the necessary tools that are needed for making decisions and solving problems. It also gives understanding for the increasingly complex and globalised financial markets. Students will also learn analytical approaches and methods for financial analysis.
An intensive two-year programme leads to a degree in Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration.

Cette formation est-elle faite pour moi?

Talented and motivated students looking for a challenging career with a competitive salary.

Conditions: Bachelor's degree in appropriate field.

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Où et quand
Début Lieu
Vaasa City
Wolffintie 34, FI65200, South Finland - Helsinki, Finland
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Début Ao-2019
Vaasa City
Wolffintie 34, FI65200, South Finland - Helsinki, Finland
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Qu'apprend-on avec cette formation ?

Corporate Finance
Strategic Planning
Financial Training
Economics Science
Behavioral Finance


Master´s degree programme in Finance



LASK3047 Corporate Finance                                     6 ECTS

LASK3048 Corporate Finance: Case Study                              2 ECTS

LASK3018 Investments                                                          8 ECTS

LASK3015 Research in Financial Analysis                              8 ECTS

LASK3052 Corporate Responsibility and Ethics in Finance                4 ECTS

LASK3011 Financial Derivatives and Risk Management                     8 ECTS

LASK3016 Research in Financial Markets                               8 ECTS


Language and General Studies (13 ECTS)

KENG9212 Writing Academic English                                    5 ECTS

KSUO5111 Finnish for Foreigners I (for international students)                     5 ECTS

Foreign language studies (for Finnish students)                                5 ECTS

Searching for Scientific Information I (excluding UVA bachelors)                  1 ECTS

Searching for Scientific Information II (excluding UVA bachelors)                 1 ECTS

FILO1011 Philosophy of Science                                            3 ECTS


Methodological Studies (5 ECTS)

STAT2020 Econometrics I                                                                           5 ECTS


Master’s Thesis Research (32 ECTS)

LASK3053 Introduction to Master’s Thesis Research in Finance                    2 ECTS

LASK3990 Master’s Thesis:                                        30 ECTS

LASK3991 Master’s Thesis Research Plan                               5 ECTS

LASK3992 Master’s Thesis Progress Report                           10 ECTS

LASK3993 Completed Master’s Thesis                                               15 ECTS


ELECTIVE STUDIES (compulsory to select at least 26 ECTS)

LASK3001 Advanced Topics in Finance                                             2-8 ECTS

LASK3049 Behavioral Finance                                                5 ECTS

LASK3050 Corporate Governance                                           5 ECTS

LASK3068 Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation (NEW)                       6 ECTS

LASK3051 Fundamentals of Financial Modeling                                5 ECTS

LASK3062 International Finance                                             5 ECTS

LASK3037 International Financial Reporting                          8 ECTS

LASK3064 Internship                                                  1-5 ECTS

LASK3063 Quantitative Financial Data Analysis in Matlab                 5 ECTS

KANS3024 International Banking                                           5 ECTS

KANS3022 Macroprudential Policy and Financial Stability                 5 ECTS

JOHT3003 International Strategic Management                                  5 ECTS


Programme total                                                                           120 ECTS


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EPAS accredited programme