Master's Degree in Cybersecurity


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Businesses today are increasingly concerned about their cybersecurity, and how to avoid computer attacks and cyberespionage. Therefore, learning about risk management and how to identify internal vulnerabilities is critical to prevent and overcome a cyber crisis. As a matter of fact, no business is really safe from cyber-attacks, which makes information security essential. Data protection must take place both at the database and strategic levels to protect and maintain business competitiveness. Another aspect is business online reputation, which is critical for all brands, because if damaged by external agents (e.g. competitors, other agents), it may affect their market position.

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Pour réaliser cette formation, il vous faut avoir l'un de ces niveaux d'études : Bachelor's Degree, Professional Diploma, Masters, Ph.D

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Les matières

  • Network Training
  • Network
  • Digital identity
  • Reputation
  • Security Management
  • Security Manager
  • Data Management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Security Awareness
  • Data Protection
  • IT risk
  • IT Management
  • IT
  • Information

Le programme

MODULE I Business Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities


  • Unit 1: Information Security Vulnerabilities. Social Media Risk Analysis
  • Unit 2: Detection, Risk Analysis, and General Protections
  • Unit 3: Cybersecurity Principles and Good Practices. Security Risk Management. Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Unit 4: Standards, Regulations and Legislation. Cybersecurity Management Systems


MODULE II Safe Development and Identity Management


  • Unit 1: Security Plan and Safe Development
  • Unit 2: Identity Management and Authentication
  • Unit 3: Threat Models
  • Unit 4: Safe Information Management and Storage


MODULE III Digital Identity, Reputation, Fake News, Socint and Docxing


  • Unit 1: Types of Social Media
  • Unit 2: Threats and Mitigating Factors in Social Media
  • Unit 3: Docxing and Socint
  • Unit 4: Infoxication. Fake News. Techniques and Analysis


MODULE IV Malware and Malicious Codes


  • Unit 1: Social Media Types
  • Unit 2: Malware Type I
  • Unit 3: Malware Type II
  • Unit 4: Vulnerabilities, Exploits and Payloads.


MODULE V Business Cryptography


  • Unit 1: Introduction to Classical Algorithms
  • Unit 2: Symmetric Key Algorithm
  • Unit 3: Symmetric Key Algorithm - Hash Function
  • Unit 4: Digital Certificates, PKI and Cryptographic Applications


MODULE VI Introduction to Corporate Network Security


  • Unit 1: Social Media Security
  • Unit 2: Communication and Distributed Local Networks. Extranet
  • Unit 3: Linux-Based Architecture Security
  • Unit 4: Cloud 8 - Based Architecture Security

MODULE VII Web Security


  • Unit 1: How the Web Works
  • Unit 2: Web Security
  • Unit 3: Web Security
  • Unit 4: Actions to Improve Web Security


MODULE VIII OSINT Security, Open Source Research


  • Unit 1: OSINT
  • Unit 2: Server Advanced Use
  • Unit 3: Research Methodology
  • Unit 4: Security Tools


MODULE IX IoT Security


  • Unit 1: What is IoT?
  • Unit 2: Challenges in IoT Security
  • Unit 3:  IoT Security in Cloud Suppliers
  • Unit 4: IoT Security Frameworks


MODULE X Master's Final Project (MFP)


The program is subject to possible content updates and upgrades

Master's Degree in Cybersecurity

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