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Niveau Intermediate
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The Edexcel AS/ A Level Music qualification provides a contemporary, accessible, and creative education in music with an integrated approach to the three main elements – performing, composing and appraising.

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Début Dates au choix

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Music Production
Music Technology
Music Theory
Music Therapy
Musical analysis
Aural skills
A Level Music


The Edexcel AS/A Level Music qualification is designed to appeal to, and cater for a wide range of interests, instruments, personalities and directions. The new specification offers a range of opportunities to study diverse and traditional fields, and encourages learners to experiment in their own performing, composing and listening as well as develop an interest in and enthusiasm for all aspects of their musical heritage.

The Edexcel Music syllabus (9MU10) enables pupils to progress on to University Music Degrees and/or develop their skills as a performer or composer.