Natural Beauty Training Academy

Level 4 Diploma in Laser and IPL Treatments

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Natural Beauty Training Academy
À Sutton Coldfield (England)

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Typologie Training
Niveau Advanced
Méthodologie En intra entreprise
Lieu Sutton coldfield (England)
Heures de classe 15h
Durée 3 Weeks
Début Dates au choix
  • Training
  • Advanced
  • En intra entreprise
  • Sutton coldfield (England)
  • 15h
  • Durée:
    3 Weeks
  • Début:
    Dates au choix

Interested in hair and skin laser treatments? You don't have to choose, in this course you can find them both!

This program provides you a fully comprehensive education within LASER and IPL treatments.

In this course you will learn advanced skills in reducing hair growth and skin photo rejuvenation by using intense light and laser procedures, developing safe working habits and discover how to identify and control danger.

It's important to stand out that, additionally, with this course you will be able to identify hair and skin conditions, so you can make a safe choice by recommending treatments for each person

You will have a training as well, which is held in small teams and during the clinical practice you will be evaluated on your occupational competence.

If you want to enjoy all the benefits of the course, contact with us through our website so we can provide you with the most relevant information.

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Quels sont les objectifs de la formation?

you will gain insurance to carryout treatments on clients

Cette formation est-elle faite pour moi?

all beauty therapists and salons with laser /IPL Machines

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Conditions: facial treatments Anatomy and physiology

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Sutton Coldfield
b76 2tu, West Midlands, England
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Début Dates au choix
Sutton Coldfield
b76 2tu, West Midlands, England
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Le meilleur de la formation: I have attended several courses at Natural Beauty Training Academy with Pam Daman over the past few months. All the courses I have done with her I have truly enjoyed. I have gained a lot of information and she has made me more confident in these treatments. Pam made sure that I was satisfied with what everything that I had learnt and she offered ther assistance and help with any queries I had after the course. I will definitely be doing more courses in the future with Pam at Natural Beauty Training Academy.
À améliorer: Nothing.
Formation effectuée: Mai 2017
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Beauty Therapist
Laser treatment
IPL treatment
Laser device
Hair growth
Photo rejuvenation
Laser system treatments


Level 4 Diploma in Laser and IPL Treatments
  • Want to Expend your business? 
  • Increase revenue?
  • Advance your qualifications to a new level?
  • Purchase or lease IPL,SHR & Laser devices at affordable prices all UK Manufactured 

This Diploma in Laser and IPL Treatments will provide you with a fully comprehensive education within LASER and IPL treatments.

Main topics of the course:

  • Hair growth 
  • Photo rejuvenation of the skin 
  • Laser treatments. 
In this qualification, you will develop an understanding of managing safe working practice and how to identify and control hazards. You will also learn how to identify hair and skin conditions and those clients suitable for intense light and laser system treatments environment.