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Isla Verde Massage Masterclass

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This course is a massage masterclass from the award winning Isla Verde Spa that will teach you how to perform Spa, Hot Stones and Deep Tissue Sports Massages. You will learn how to perform massage therapy and massage strokes that will allow you to make your friends, family or clients reach a state of ultimate relaxation!Your course instructor Mark Perren-Jones has over 25 years experience in massage, and counts Olympic Athletes and Heads of State among his happy clients. Mark will teach you how to set up your massage room, before going through the detailed massage strokes and routines required to perform exceptional Spa, Hot Stones and Deep Tissue Sports Massages.Whether you are interested in becoming a professional masseuse, or just want to treat your family and friends, take this course today to learn the ultimate relaxation techniques!

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Quels sont les objectifs de la formation?

62 lectures with over 6 hours of video content
A masterclass combining detailed tutorials in Spa, Hot Stones and Deep Tissue Sports Massage
Learn from an expert of 25 years who has worked with Olympic Athletes and Celebrities
Specific video tutorials  on how to perform a range of massage techniques suitable for all abilities 

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The Massage Essentials
The Set up-The 4 most Important things about your Table
Creams and Oils-What's Great and what's not
The Set-up-do not do what I did
One factor that makes a huge difference
It's all in the timing
Handout - Contraindications of Massage
Why I don't include these things in my massages
Do No Harm
The perfect person to practice your massage on
Why most therapists don't last and what you should do instead
Practice makes perfect
3 final points
Putting it all together: the checklist
Handout - Client Intake Form

The Massage Strokes- The Right and Wrong Ways
Soft Hands Vs Rigid
General stroke
Scissor Stroke
Acupressure techniques

Full Body Relaxation Massage
Back of Legs
Front of Legs

Full Body Relaxation Sequence
Full Body Relaxation Massage Sequence

Bonus Content
Foam Rolling-Great for you and Great to tell your clients about
How to get rid of knots in your upper back -for less than $1
Handout - Sequence in written form

Getting Started on the Right Path!
Getting Started
A few Things Regarding Equipment

Full Body Massage
Starting the Massage
Back of Legs
Arms other Side

Hot Stones Massage Sequence
Full Hot Stones Massage Sequence Part 1
Full Hot Stones Massage Sequence Part 2
Full Hot Stones Massage Sequence Part 3
Handout - Isla Verde Spa Massage Sequence - Instructions

The Massage Essentials
Intro to Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Full Body Deep tissue Massage
Massage Start Sequence
Back Sequence 1
Back Sequence 2
Back of Legs
Legs Prone Stretching
Front of Legs
Front of Legs Stretching

Full Massage Sequence
Massage Sequence Part 1
Massage Sequence Part 2
Massage Sequence Part 3
Massage Sequence Part 4
Massage Sequence Part 5
Congratulations! You Did It!

Part 1
Part 2