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MA International Political Economy

University of Bifröst
En Semi-présenciel Bifröst (Iceland)
  • University of Bifröst


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Typologie Master
Méthodologie En semi-présentiel
Lieu Bifröst (Iceland)
Durée 1
Début Août 2019
Campus virtuel Oui
Service d'information Oui
  • Master
  • En semi-présentiel
  • Bifröst (Iceland)
  • Durée:
  • Début:
    Août 2019
  • Campus virtuel
  • Service d'information

Emagister adds to its catalogue the MA in International Political Economy (IPE), which is an interdisciplinary course with a broad scope, and has a solid foundation in Bifröst University’s position as a Nordic university in close proximity to the Arctic region.

This study course prepares students for undertaking professional responsibilities in international forums, including international organisations, NGO´s, multinational corporations, media and other agencies and practices in which understanding of global interdependence between processes of economic flows and political governance is valuable.

This master program is mainly taught online but students will clearly see the benefits of living in Bifröst campus with close proximity to inspiring nature, to the campus library and to a part of the faculty that lives on campus. The cost of living in Bifröst campus is relatively low and the student union actively organises events throughout the school year.

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Début Lieu
Háskólinn á Bifröst, Myrasysla, Iceland
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Début Ao-2019
Háskólinn á Bifröst, Myrasysla, Iceland
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International Politics
Political Economics
Global Markets
International Migration
Nordic Model
Economical theories


Program Structure

Fall 2018

  • The Nordic Model
  • Structures, Institutions and Future Challenges
  • Political Economy – Thoughts and Theories
  • International Politics
  • Globalisation, Global Markets and International Economics

Spring 2019

  • Public Protests, Social Media and Intl Movements
  • International Migration and North South Dynamics
  • Nationalism Populism and Post Truth Politics 
  • Conflict and Peace – The Nordic Approach
  • Roundup (May – Bifröst, Iceland) – The Political Economy of the Arctic

Summer/fall 2019

  • MA Thesis (June - December)

Information supplémentaire

Application deadline: May 15, 2019

Studying in Iceland

Studying in Iceland is a unique opportunity to get to know the land of ice and fire. Students get the chance  to create truly memorable moments in a friendly and peaceful environment, and to explore the unspoiled nature of Iceland.

Did you know that in Iceland:

- 85% of the energy is renewable
- English is a second language
- Gender equality is ranked at the top in the world
- Crime rate is among the lowest in the world
- The locals are generally well educated and friendly
- Most of the food is organic
- Salaries are high as well as the standard of living
- Icelanders have for long time been ranked among the happiest people in the world
- Life expectancy is the among the highest in the world
- The average temperature in the winter time is around 0°C and without humidity.
- The nature is so unspoiled that it is safe to drink water from the nearest creek.