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Typologie Atelier intensif
Niveau Beginner
Lieu City of london (England)
Durée 7 Days
Début 19/08/2019
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  • Atelier intensif
  • Beginner
  • City of london (England)
  • Durée:
    7 Days
  • Début:
    autres dates

Immerse yourself in world of GistPro with this GistPro | Advanced Hospitality Management course, offered by Acudemy Training, that has added to its educational catalogue.

GistPro is gistLondon's most advanced management course. We have crammed decades of experience and a wealth of practical know-how into this 7 days intensive course.

If you are planning a career in restaurants and hospitality or expecting a promotion - you will find this course invaluable!

"...We learnt a huge amount. We were able to ask loads of questions on how things related to our business, and Barak was happy to be flexible to our learning needs. I would really recommend this course to people looking to get into the industry (especially those who are looking to start their own restaurant or cafe). Really enjoyed the course, learnt loads; this course was invaluable to our start-up journey" Anna Anderson, Kindred.

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Quels sont les objectifs de la formation?

GIST|PRO - The Ultimate Restaurant Management Course
GIST|PRO course is arranged in 5 modules allowing you to zoom in on each critical area for a whole day. The course covers Leadership, Human Resources, Financial forecasting, budgeting and optimizing and practical management skills. You will also receive access to 7 Level-2 assured e-learning compliance courses (such as health and safety, licensing etc).

Over 5 days, GIST|PRO covers all the key areas for the successful management of a food & drink related business. In addition, the course includes 7 Level 2 assured compliance certificates

GIST|PRO advanced management course was designed for restaurant managers, general managers and new owners. Ideally, with some previous management experience

You want to take GIST|PRO course if you wish to advance your career in restaurants or any food and drinks related business. Very relevant to new or existing owners, growing and improving your business

This course is delivered in a mixture of lecture, small group and practical work, as well as real 'field' experiences.

Cette formation est-elle faite pour moi?

Anybody planning a career in hospitality and restaurants.
Anybody planning to set up a business (restaurant, cafe, bar etc)

Conditions: 2 years of industry experience, or 2 years of management experience Good command of English language

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Début Lieu
19 août 2019
21 oct. 2019
City of London
225 Gray's Inn Road, WC1X 8RH, London, England
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Début 19 août 2019
21 oct. 2019
City of London
225 Gray's Inn Road, WC1X 8RH, London, England
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Le meilleur de la formation: The one on one tutions were a great help and the way they answered my doubts were excellent.
À améliorer: Nothing
Formation effectuée: Janvier 2018
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Hospitality Management
Restaurant Supervision
Management Planning
Management Control
Tourism Hospitality
Tourism Industry
Business Finance
Restaurant management


5 Days Course Syllabus
Day1 - Leadership in Hospitality

·      Your own Personality assessments (MEP)

·      Emotional Intelligence in practice

·      Leadership in hospitality

·      Key opportunities in the Industry

Day2 - Human Resources Basics

·      ACAS code for best practice

·      Employment Law in Practice

·      Employee life-cycle

·      Performance Management

Day3 - Finance (Wage Cost Optimizing)

·      The P&L Structure

·      Forecasting Sales

·      Budgeting and rota planning

·      Solving rota and costing problems

Day4 - Finance (Cost of Goods and GP Optimizing)

·      Cost of Goods and GP

·      Menu engineering

·      Stock management

·      Solving costing and pricing problems

Day5 - Practical Skills and Recap

·      Coaching on the Job

·      Effective interview techniques

·      Conflict management and service recovery

Course recap and summary