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Foundation Level Certificate in Commercial Mediation

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Do you need to future-proof your career?

Whether you are considering a career in mediation or just want to up-skill and get better at dealing with commercial disputes or conflict in the workplace - then this course is for you!

Get a practical insight into the process and skills of commercial mediation and earn a Certificate from an internationally respected institution. Take this Chartered Institute or Arbitrators accredited course and learn directly from the experts. Earn our blockchain credentialised digital certificate and show off your skills on your LinkedIn profile and other professional sites.

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Quels sont les objectifs de la formation?

This course will give you a comprehensive and practical insight into commercial mediation. You will learn about the skills and process of the fastest growing method for resolving disputes worldwide and how and where to apply these skills.

Cette formation est-elle faite pour moi?

This course is aimed at individuals that want to up-skill and learn the skills and process to resolve conflict and disputes through mediation - the fastest growing dispute resolution method worldwide. It is especially relevant to anyone wanting to are are currently working in high-conflict industries or professions such as engineering and construction, healthcare, human resources and are looking to future-proof their careers.

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Once we receive your request one of our academic team will be on hand to answer any questions you might have, including how to enrol, payment options and next steps.

Conditions: No prior experience is required. All you will need is a computer or device and internet connection.





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Opinions sur cette formation

Jenny Driver
Le meilleur de la formation: At the firm where I'm working I'm getting involved more and more with mediations, so this course came at the right time for me. I'm really able to add value not just to my clients but also impress my colleagues with my knowledge! I thought the calibre of tutors and the entire course format was impressive. Flexibility was a top a priority, so being able to study at my own convenience was great. The fact that this course was accredited by a leading ADR institution was a real incentive.'
À améliorer: I would have liked to access the course inside an app on my device so I could watch the video tutorials on the underground.
Formation effectuée: Mai 2018
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John Lee
Le meilleur de la formation: 'I've followed Mediator Academy for the past few years and thought the video interviews were very informative. I’ve been putting off taking my mediation training, finding the time was a big challenge. When I saw this course, I had no excuse and when I saw the calibre of faculty and the accreditation on offer it really was a no-brainer. Without a doubt the most comprehensive and high quality introductory mediation course available online.’ It was delivered by high calibre experts, it was comprehensive and convenient. The price of the course was exceptionally good value.
À améliorer: I'd like the 'next' button that helps you move between lessons to be more prominent.
Formation effectuée: Juillet 2018
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Conflict Management
Negotiation Skills
Conflict Resolution
Problem Solving
Listening Skills
Communication Skills
Dispute Resolution
Critical Thinking
Questioning skills


What You Will Learn

Learn how commercial mediation works and gain insights into the process, practice and key skills from top-flight mediators in the field.

  • The context for commercial mediation
  • The rise of mediation as a way of resolving commercial disputes
  • Why mediation is the process of choice
  • What disputes can be resolved by mediation


  • Commercial mediation models
  • How commercial mediation is unique
  • Which is the best mediation model for commercial disputes
  • The law and commercial mediation, a perfect alliance?
  • The commercial mediation process
  • Phases and stages of the process
  • The Mediation process arc
  • Mediation Agreements and Settlement Agreements


  • Experts and other participants
  • Lawyers in mediation - opportunities and challenges
  • Working alone and co-mediation
  • Feedback and working with assistants
  • Mediation skills and strategies
  • Mediation multi-tasking
  • Who is the “ideal” mediator?
  • Mediation in action


  • Opportunities for commercial mediators
  • Take your training to the next level
  • Make commercial mediation work for you
  • Opportunities and the future of mediation