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      Typologie MBA
      Lieu Talence
      Durée 20 Mois
      Début Dates au choix
      • MBA
      • Talence
      • Durée:
        20 Mois
      • Début:
        Dates au choix

      Your career is already successful but you are convinced that your future depends on your ability to continually develop yourself. You want to expand your mind, to stimulate your intellect, and to face real challenges.
      You want to enter a world-class Executive MBA to open new doors, increase your capacities and extend your global network.

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      680 Cours de la Libération, 33400, (33) Gironde, France
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      Début Dates au choix
      680 Cours de la Libération, 33400, (33) Gironde, France
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      Stratégie de l'entreprise
      Internationalisation des entreprises


      Through this course, we will explore how to design powerful, sustainable business models, whether you are a startup, a multinational, or a non-profit organization. After this course you should be able to:

      • Challenge and reframe old business models by understanding current market drivers and how they weaken or strengthen a business architecture;
      • Understand the business architecture of any venture, and specifically what added value is created to specific customers’ segments, how revenues are generated, how the cost structure is dealt with, what the key resources and competencies involved are, etc.;
      • Coordinate various business approaches (strategy, marketing, finance, innovation, HR) to develop, sustain and enhance competitive business models;
      • As entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs, design new added values fitting specific visions and markets, while being also able to set it up as a concrete, real-life activity.
      Macroeconomics analyses of behaviour and functioning of the economy. Microeconomics of human behaviour and choices as they relate to relatively small units – an individual, a firm, an industry, and a single market. Decisions that individuals and firms make under the condition of scarcity: the scarcity of time, capital, labour, land, energy, knowledge, technology.

      Role of the accounting function internal to the organisation. Broad view of managerial accounting, various costing systems, cost behaviour patterns and cost structures. Use of accounting for the evaluation of product, managerial and divisional performance. What can accounting can for decision makers and how accounting choices affect decisions? Strategic importance of aligning accounting systems with firm technologies and goals. Current issues in management accounting and internal reporting.

      The main objective of this “Multinational Finance” course is to enable participants to understand the complex interactions between financial markets and strategic corporate risks. This course assumes that participants are already familiar with basic fundamental concepts and techniques in corporate finance, accounting and economics. Therefore a special emphasis will be put on an evaluation of both strategic and financial consequences of operating globally: the role of financial management in maintaining global competitiveness being the very specific issue considered in the course.

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