Fork Lift Truck Operation


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Suitable for: Employees using fork lift trucks

Les matières

  • Forklift truck training

Le programme

Course Information:

3-5 day CPR certificated course covering the use of fork lift trucks; the course duration is dependant upon the knowledge and ability of delegates as assesed by the instructor in line with the HSE approved code of practice on the use of fork lift trucks.

Maximum number of delegates and course duration:

Novice operators:

3 delegates - 5 days minimum

2 delegates - 4 days minimum

1 delegate - 3 days minimum

Experienced Operators (with no formal qualification):

3 delegates - 3 days minimum

2 delegates - 2 days minimum

1 delegate - 1 1/2 days


Course Content:


Practical training:

Introduction to the fork lift truck

Controls and instruments

Starting, moving, stearing and stopping the truck

Operation of hydraulic controls

Pre-use inspection and take-over maintenance

Weight assessment, handling laden and unladen pallets

Driving on/off ramps and inclines

Road vehicle loading and unloading

Stacking/de-stacking freestanding and in racking


Theory input:

Operator safety code

Fork lift truck stability


Practical test of basic operating skills

Written test of operator knowledge

Practical test of abilty


Who should attend:

  • Employees using fork lift trucks

Booking details:

  • Maximum number of delegates - 3
  • Cost per delegate - On application

           (inclusive of VAT, registration, course handout &

                 certificate/ pass)

Fork Lift Truck Operation

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