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Food Allergies and Intolerances

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Uncover and alleviate food sensitivities with food allergies and intolerances. Up to 45% of us suffer from food sensitivities, says Allergy UK. Does your weight fluctuate mysteriously? Could you have a hidden food intolerance? Which foods can be causing it? Why are gluten or dairy problematic? Can you reverse a food sensitivity?

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Learn to uncover and alleviate food sensitivities with this practical certification:

Printable workbooks and symptom assessments: Food Intolerance Assessment™ with Scores and Recommendations Symptom Monitoring Workbook Food and Symptom Journal Symptom Reassessment Workbook Allergen Labelling Guide Free-from Recipes and Printable Chef Cards Food Reintroduction Planner Food Reintroduction Journal 12-week Reintroduction Planner Food Rotation Planner Isolated and Combined Home Testing Log

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Rosalie Grace
Le meilleur de la formation: Completed this course today. My interest lies in taking up nutrition with a view to educate people to make better choices. The pdf materials covered the course and was extremely informative and useful. My number one discovery was that knowledge is just a first step. I want to spread this knowledge and help people develop better nutritional habits.
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Formation effectuée: Mai 2018
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Le meilleur de la formation: An abridged version of nutrition course, would highly recommend this course to my friends.
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Formation effectuée: Octobre 2018
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Mary Smith
Le meilleur de la formation: The inner content of the Starter Nutrition Course was the main thing which attracted me the most. It helps to make your and your family live healthily. You may get to know such information that formal medical studies cannot provide.
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Formation effectuée: Septembre 2018
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Nebojsa Krsic
Le meilleur de la formation: This is a nice and compact course for the beginners which inspired me to do a nutritionist course and a personal training course.
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Formation effectuée: Mars 2018
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Tracy Brown
Le meilleur de la formation: Enjoyed this course, the course is flexible. The downloadable printouts are very helpful.
À améliorer: nothing to improve
Formation effectuée: Juillet 2017
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Food Intolerance
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Course overview

  • Food allergy… or food intolerance?
  • Could you have a food intolerance?
  • Monitoring and alleviating your symptoms 
  • Reassessing your symptoms 
  • When fat is not fat: Food sensitivities and water retention
  • Gluten sensitivity 
  • Candida overgrowth
  • Lactose intolerance 
  • Other common food intolerances 
  • Identifying problem foods
  • Understanding labels 
  • How to carry out a simple test at home
  • Food rotation diets and reintroduction