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A 5 day intensive and highly practical course covering every aspect of: Working with oil letters of credit. Back to back and red clause (advance payment) letters of credit. Non-L/C solutions for oil majors (with group workshop). Financing traders the problems and solutions. Product sharing agreements and project finance essentials. Utilisation of demand guarantees. Standbys and deferred payment letters of credit. Discounting financial instruments. Energy and company specific risks. Political/sovereign risks and mitigating factors.
Suitable for: Aimd the world economic development the global financial crisis trade financing has evolved from just a supplementary instrument for effective and lucrative conducting of trading operations into an absolutely indispensable one. The IBH together with leading banks offer to the market players this training programme.

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Conditions: Personnel from ship brokers, port agencies, inspectors, banks and similar service organisations can gain a valuable understanding of their customers’ roles and responsibilities.

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Directional Trading


Course review:

This highly practical course leads the delegate through ten interlocking modules that construct the “Big Picture” in Oil and Gas Financing and then requires candidates to utilise the knowledge gained in group workshops and case studies which will test their skills to the highest levels.

All problems discussed and encountered are real deals gained from the Course Director’s vast knowledge of Banking Oil and Gas Trades and Projects in the Emerging Markets. We move from lecture style discussions to interactive case studies, through financial structures and group workshops to presentations that highlight your ability to locate a risk and ensure its cover in a cost-effective and practical way.

Likewise it is multi-disciplinary and an effective Course will cover all Risk and Structure angles covering Bank and Country Risk Analysis, Insurance, Legal Issues as well as practical Banking and Financing models.

 Delegates will return to their assignments not merely informed but able to structure, finance and advise clients with safety and credibility.