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CRM: Salesforce Masterclass

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This course is a Salesforce masterclass designed for all levels of ability. It will teach you how to become an expert user of Salesforce, a revolutionary cloud based customer relationship management (CRM) service that deals with all customer interface concerns, from sales to marketing.Prateek Singh, who is a certified Salesforce Developer and was a Salesforce Team Leader, will show you how Salesforce has the potential to radically improve your efficiency. He will teach you how to become a master in all areas of Salesforce, including Administration, Security, Analytics and Programming.Salesforce professionals are currently the most sought after in the IT industry so don't wait; take this course to skill up and unlock your potential today!

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62 lectures with 7.5 hours of video content to help you master Salesforce
Learn to become a salesforce master with detailed sections concerning Administration, Security, Analytics and Programming
Master Salesforce Administrator and Development, developing your CRM skills to a comprehensive & advanced level
Learn advanced Salesforce skills that will help you succeed in your professional career 

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Joe Shawyer .
Le meilleur de la formation: I observed the CRM course to be exceptionally instructive and easy to understand. The learning I have increased, subsequent to finishing five point by point modules and a short exam, has given me a greatly improved comprehension of CRM and this self-awareness will help me to execute new procedures in the working environment. The whole course is accessible on request, prior and then afterward completion, which means you can go over each module until you are sufficiently certain to take the exam.
À améliorer: Nothing.
Formation effectuée: Avril 2017
Recommanderiez-vous cette centre de formation ?: oui
Esther Lawrence .
Le meilleur de la formation: I am so inspired with this course. For one thing it was immensely marked down which spared me cash, also it is truly simple to utilize. It is so natural to understand and the design is perfect, clear and exact. I have learnt such a great amount from this course as of now and I can even return to modules as and when I have to.
À améliorer: All good.
Formation effectuée: Décembre 2016
Recommanderiez-vous cette centre de formation ?: oui
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Sales Training


Introduction to Salesforce Administration
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Introduction to Course
Salesforce Editions
Understanding Project Life Cycle

Creating App and the First Object
Creating Fields on Your Custom Object
Creating Invoice Header Object
Creating Line Item Object
Roll Up Summary

Workflow and Validation Rule
Workflow - Pulling the Price Automatically
Workflow - Deduct Stock From Inventory
Validation Rule - To Check Stock Availability
Validation Rules to Make Field Mandatory
Validation Rules on Checkbox
Field Dependencies
Cross Object Validation Rule
Record TYPE_IDs and Page Layouts
Lead Process and Sales Process
Home Page Layout and Components

Implementing Salesforce Security
Introduction to the course and create your free Account
Creating a New user and Active Inactive Freeze etc
Enable Login Access for System Admin
Organization wide Defaults
OWD Explained Part - 2
OWD and Profiles Hands On
Roles Hands On
Permission Sets Hand on

Introduction & Basic Reports
Introduction to the Course
Report Builder
Tabular Report
Summary Report

Advanced Reports
Conditional Highlighting
Matrix Report
Matrix Report Hands On
Joined Reports
Custom Report TYPE_ID
Scheduling a Report

Introduction to Dashboards

Introduction to Salesforce Programming
Signup and Enable Development Mode
Syntax, Auto Complete and Component Reference
Global Variables and Formulas
Standard Controller
PageBlock, View State and Command Button
Standard List Controller

Custom Programming
Custom Controller Introduction
Inserting Child Records
SOSL and GetSobjectTYPE_ID
Merge Records
Conditional Rendering of Fields
Command Button and Action Function
Action Status

Introduction to Triggers
Before or After Trigger
Trigger to add Custom Error Message
Trigger to Automatically Insert a Contact
Trigger to Count Tasks or Events on a Lead

Part 1
Part 2