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      Conversational Hypnosis & Therapy

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      This Introduction to Conversational Hypnosis will allow you to gain a good understanding of hypnosis and what it is about. The course focuses on areas such as the history behind hypnosis, the theory behind trance, incorporating hypnosis into therapy, hypnotherapeutic techniques, using hypnosis to help clients and silence and observation.Daniel Jones was described by 'At Home With Gok Wan' magazine as 'the UK's leading personal development coach' and is a Amazon Bestselling Author; selling nearly 100,000 books, 500,000+ downloads on his self-hypnosis MP3's, 1.5million Youtube views and has 4000 students currently enrolled in his several online courses in 115 countries. Daniel is a accredited hypnotherapy trainer with 20+ years of experience in hypnosis & the healing arts, whilst also carrying out extensive and impressive research in the field.The course is organised to guide you through the from the very basics of hypnosis to more in-depth topics. The course has several demonstration videos which follow the theory aspect of every section which will help you cement your knowledge and understanding of the topics. The course is targeted at people who want to acquire the appropriate skills and knowledge for coaching, therapy and counselling - the different sections of the course cover all these aspects.

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      72 lectures with over 8 hrs of video content and 5 PDF downloadable materials
      Gain a good understanding of what hypnosis is all about
      Great for those wishing to pursue expertise in coaching, therapy and counselling
      Understand the versatility of hypnosis in several different fields
      Taught by an expert Hypnotherapy Trainer with over 20 years experience 

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      Welcome to the Course
      How Do You Hope To Use Conversational Hypnosis
      Introduction To Conversational Hypnosis Demonstration 'My Friend John'
      Conversational Hypnosis Demonstration: My Friend John

      Definitions & Theories
      What is Hypnosis?
      The Pattern Matching Brain
      Recognising Hypnotic Patterns
      What is a Trance State?
      What is a Hypnotic Trance State?
      Hypnotic Inductions and the REM State
      Everyone is Always in a Trance
      A Brief History of Hypnosis
      Introduction to the Key Theories of Hypnosis
      Theory of Dissociated Control
      Neo-Dissociation Theory
      Multi-Factorial Theory
      Expectancy Theory
      Implicit Neural Activation & Information Processing Theory

      How to Induce Trance & Hypnosis
      How to Induce Trance & Hypnosis
      Introduction to How to Induce Hypnosis & Trance
      Guiding & Focusing Attention
      Demonstration: Guiding & Focusing Attention
      Self Hypnosis Demonstration - Using Guided & Focused Attention
      Self Hypnosis Demonstration - Using Conversationally Guided & Focusing Attention
      Demonstration: Ambiguous Touch Arm Induction
      Self Hypnosis Demonstration - Using Automatic Movement
      Demonstration: Automatic Movement Induction
      Self Hypnosis Demonstration - Using Stillness
      Self Hypnosis Demonstration - Using Memory
      Self Hypnosis Demonstration - Using Imagination
      Using The REM Process
      Self Hypnosis Demonstration - Using REM Process - Body Scan Induction
      Rounding Up How to Induce Trance & Hypnosis
      Demonstration: Conversationally Utilising Client's Ongoing Behaviours
      Using Conversational Hypnosis
      Applying What You Have Been Learning About Conversational Hypnosis
      Notes - How to Induce Hypnosis and Trance

      How Hypnosis Fits Into Therapy
      Introduction to How Hypnosis Fits into Therapy
      Shifting Patterns
      Emotional Needs
      Unrealistic & Damaging Expectation
      Traumatised or Faulty Pattern Matching
      Overwhelmed & Worrying
      Learnt Patterns of Behaviour
      Stuck in a Trance State
      Splitting & Linking
      Notes - How Hypnosis Fits Into Therapy

      Hypnotherapeutic Techniques
      Introduction to Hypnotherapeutic Techniques Section
      Using Hypnotic Phenomena
      Crystal Ball Technique
      Affect Bridge
      Ideo-Motor Movement
      Notes - Hypnotherapeutic Techniques

      Carrying Changes into Clients Lives
      Future Pacing
      Post Hypnotic Suggestion
      Notes - Carrying changes into clients lives

      Association, Disassociation and Abreactions
      Using Association
      Using Dissociation
      Notes - Association Dissociation Abreactions

      Silence, Observation & Therapists Expectations
      The Power of Silence
      Developing Observation Skills
      Therapists Expectations
      Notes - Silence Observation and Therapists Expectations

      Summary of the Course