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CILT Level 5 Professional Diploma in Logistics and Transport

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Typologie Vocational qualification Level 5
Méthodologie A distance
Durée 24 Months
Début Dates au choix
  • Vocational qualification Level 5
  • A distance
  • Durée:
    24 Months
  • Début:
    Dates au choix

Maximise Earnings Potential. Increased Employability. Apply best practice to your working environment at a strategic level.
Suitable for: The CILT (UK) Professional Diploma is aimed typically at candidates holding middle management positions in specialist functional areas such as Supply-Chain Management, Transport Operations, Transport Planning, Warehousing, Procurement, Production Planning and Inventory Management. The CILT (UK) Professional Diploma is also a suitable level of qualification for graduates entering the logistics and transport profession for the first time.

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Supply Chain Management
Logistics Management
Supply Chain Logistics
Transport Logistics
Warehouse Logistics
Distribution Logistics
Shipping Logistics
Inventory Management
Warehousing and Distribution
Transport Management
Customs and Excise
Fleet Management
Procurement Management


CILT Level 5 Logistics & Transport

Units Studied: 1 Compulsory, 1 elective + 2 optional


  • Management in logistics and transport
    Knowledge of the internal dynamics of an organisation, understanding of the impact of external agencies and influences upon the organisation and responses to those influences, skills and knowledge of optimisation of the output and the experiences of the people working within the organisation, management and optimisation of the financial resources of the organisation


  • Supply chain management
    The supply chain, supply chain planning, supply chain operations, supply chain improvement
  • Transport operations
    Forecasting demand, production planning and control techniques, inventory management
  • Transport planning
    Transport planning, the demand for movement, the supply of transport


  • International business
    The international business environment, developing a global logistics strategy, global logistics strategy, global logistics operations and facilities, international commerce
  • Inventory
    What is inventory management, basic inventory principles, modern inventory systems, managing inventory through a network
  • Movement of goods
    Goods to be moved, origins, destinations and routes, modes of transport, movements, logistics and the supply chain
  • Movement of people
    People to be moved, origins, destinations and routes, modes of transport, movements, passenger logistics and the seamless journey
  • Warehousing
    The role of the warehouse in logistics strategy, warehouse operational procedures and processes, technology in the warehouse, warehouse cost management and performance controls
  • Transport planning techniques
    The transport planning process, development and implementation of strategies and plans, appraisal, evaluation and monitoring techniques
  • Production planning
    The concepts of production planning, fundamentals of production planning, current manufacturing and materials planning systems, managing material flows through a production process
  • Retail logistics
    Introduction to the retail market, retail strategy and networks, inventory and warehouse issues, globalisation and the retail supply chain, e-retailing
  • Transport and society
    Society, equality and travel, environmental issues, decision making and people, residence, leisure and employment
  • Sourcing and procurement
    The role of sourcing and procurement and their position within the corporate mission, sourcing and procurement procedures and processes, managing risk and spend in relation to customer and supplier requirements, performance measurement and control in sourcing and supply

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