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      Centre of Excellence

      Card Making Business Diploma Course

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      Centre of Excellence
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      Heures de classe 150h
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      What you will learn?
      The Card Making Business Diploma Course will equip the readers with all the knowledge, information, insight and tools that they need to start their own card making business.
      Including, understanding the business, design and create cards for different occasions and create a portfolio, how to set up and market your business, legal aspects and affairs, and more – everything you need to know about this creative and lucrative business.
      The Card Making Business Diploma Course begins by explaining what exactly is in a card, why cards are important, the different types of cards that are available and in use today, as well as the different mediums that cards are presented on.
      The course then moves on to discussing how an individual can get started, in terms of setting goals, choosing a niche, choosing materials, marketing the products, as well as ensuring quality control. From here the course focuses on the different skills that go into making a card, such as making and using stamps and inks, embossing, decoupage, paper crafting, making boxes and envelopes and determining how to position flowers and other add-ons onto the cards.
      Students learn how to develop his or her portfolio, and covers topics such as eye-catching designs and their importance, the right way of marketing and the need to keep a record of all the individuals who have received the portfolio and provided feedback on the designs of the cards.
      You will look at business matters, such as the pricing of the products, how to sell them, how to market them, and the importance of organisational skills for the card making business. The legal aspects and affairs that an individual thinking of starting a card-making business should be cognizant of.
      We look at how to sell on the popular online retail sites, Etsy and Amazon, how a card making business should go about building its customer base and what kind of promotional offers can be provided, without going into a loss.

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      Mrs Denise Mulroy Lewis
      Au sujet de la formation: I am happy I choosed this course, now I can start my own busines and the best part is I can also help my family and friends with crystals. I would highly recommend Centre of Excellence. They're simply the best.
      Formation effectuée: Mars 2019
      Recommanderiez-vous cette centre de formation ?: oui
      Le meilleur de la formation: The courses available are very wide and could be pertinent to one own’s interest and passion. The support system is excellent. I personally have a contact person who is very supportive, helpful and patient with all my more than impossible requests.
      À améliorer: -
      Formation effectuée: Février 2018
      Recommanderiez-vous cette centre de formation ?: oui
      Le meilleur de la formation: I am pleased with the course and thanks a lot for everything.
      À améliorer: All ok
      Formation effectuée: Janvier 2018
      Recommanderiez-vous cette centre de formation ?: oui
      Le meilleur de la formation: The course was professional and easy to comprehend. Their feedback was quick and I enjoyed a lot. Thanks.
      À améliorer: -
      Formation effectuée: Février 2018
      Recommanderiez-vous cette centre de formation ?: oui
      Le meilleur de la formation: It was a great course thanks.They reply pretty quickly to any questions asked which is great! Would highly recommend!
      À améliorer: Nothing
      Formation effectuée: Janvier 2018
      Recommanderiez-vous cette centre de formation ?: oui
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      Quality Training


      Module 1: What’s in a Card?

      • Part 1: The Role of Greeting Cards in Our Lives
      • Part 2: Popular Greeting Cards, The Diversity and Criticism
      • Part 3: Types of Cards
      • Part 4: Business Cards
      • Part 5: Mediums
      • Part 6: E-Cards
      • Part 7: Summary
      • Module 1 Assessment

      Module 2: Starting Your Own Card Making Business

      • Part 1: Setting Goals
      • Part 2: How Should You Set business goals?
      • Part 3: Choosing A Name
      • Part 4: Choosing Materials
      • Part 5: What Type Of Supplies Will You Need?
      • Part 6: Quality Control
      • Part 7: Summary
      • Module 2 Assessment

      Module 3: The Skills of Card-Making

      • Part 1: Stamps and Inks
      • Part 2: Inks
      • Part 3: Embossing
      • Part 4: Decoupage
      • Part 5: Paper Crafting
      • Part 6: Envelope or Box Making
      • Part 7: Positioning
      • Part 8: Summary
      • Module 3 Assessment

      Module 4: Develop Your Portfolio

      • Part 1: Eye-Catching Designs
      • Part 2: Keeping Records
      • Part 3: What to Record
      • Part 4: Summary
      • Module 4 Assessment

      Module 5: Pricing Your Cards

      • Part 1: Pricing Your Cards
      • Part 2: Organisational Skills
      • Part 3: Summary
      • Module 5 Assessment

      Module 6: Legal Knowledge

      • Part 1: Importance of Legal Knowledge
      • Part 2: What Can You Do?
      • Part 3: What Can You Not Do?
      • Part 4: Summary
      • Module 6 Assessment

      Module 7: Card Making Business

      • Part 1: Your Relationship with Customers
      • Part 2: Promotional Offers
      • Part 3: Summary
      • Module 7 Assessment

      Module 8: Marketing Your Card Making Business

      • Part 1: Advantages of a Successful Marketing Campaign
      • Part 2: Different Ways of Marketing
      • Part 3: Sending Cards Out to People
      • Part 4: Internet Marketing
      • Part 5: Summary
      • Part 6: Course Review and Next Steps
      • Module 8 Assessment