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      Typologie Bachelor's degree
      Lieu Norwich (England)
      Début Septembre 2019
      • Bachelor's degree
      • Norwich (England)
      • Début:
        Septembre 2019

      We are proud to offer this unique course, designed to produce the UK’s next leaders in drug discovery. It combines fundamental chemistry, pharmacology and drug design to give you the expertise and scientific creativity to develop new, life-changing pharmaceuticals.

      The only course of its kind in the country, the BSc in Pharmacology and Drug Discovery draws on our research expertise in medicinal chemistry and drug delivery, so you’ll receive world-class teaching in biology, chemistry and pharmacology to prepare you for a range of exciting careers in academia, health or the pharmaceutical industry.

      We developed the course in consultation with world leading scientists and pharmaceutical industry veterans. The course is based in our prestigious School of Pharmacy, which is ranked first in the UK for the quality of its research (REF 2014).

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      University Of East Anglia, NR4 7TJ, Norfolk, England
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      Début Sep-2019
      University Of East Anglia, NR4 7TJ, Norfolk, England
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      Au sujet de la formation: It was a good experience overall. Thanks!
      Formation effectuée: Mars 2019
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      Le meilleur de la formation: A real learning experience. There have been unforgettable times but also sad ones -that’s life. Loved first year, honestly met the best people, which allowed me to grow as a person.
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      Formation effectuée: Juin 2017
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      Karen Boakye-Danquah
      Le meilleur de la formation: My university experience has been excellent. I have been a student for 3 years, and have gotten many opportunities to develop my skills. I am a student ambassador, guide and international ambassador, all of which have exposed me to working with a variety of people and in different environments.
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      Formation effectuée: Février 2017
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      Le meilleur de la formation: Love it! I have a lot of good memories! First week was a little scary cause it’s not easy moving away from home, but I was lucky to have lovely housemates.
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      Formation effectuée: Février 2017
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      Vasilena Dimova
      Le meilleur de la formation: My university experience has been excellent so far. I have friends and I'm enjoying my course although is a bit stressful but I'm managing to get everything done as we have workshops, lecturers, labs and more
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      Formation effectuée: Février 2017
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      Business Studies
      Medicinal Chemistry
      Quality Training
      Business School
      Drug Discovery


      Year 1

      In the first year you will be given a foundation in biology; the chemistry of the life sciences; basic pharmacology, endocrinology, drug delivery and pharmacokinetics. These modules will lay the groundwork for understanding how drugs work, what they target, and how drugs are developed. In addition to building a foundation in the sciences, you will also take a course in business studies at the Norwich Business School that will provide you with an understanding of the world of management and the key concepts of management practice; vital tools to working in today’s corporate world.

      Year 2

      In the second year, you will begin to apply your knowledge to individual systems of the body.  These include neurology, immunology and the cardiovascular, renal and gastro-intestinal systems. You will also take modules covering cancer and infectious diseases. You will be taught how drugs are designed and synthesised, and their mechanism of action, while enhanced topics of pharmacology will be learned and applied in state of the art teaching labs. On top of this scientific learning, you will also develop your professional skills – from how to write an eye-catching cover letter and C.V. to interviewing techniques. External speakers from the industry will expose you to real-world challenges and topics in the pharmaceutical industry, helping you to thoroughly prepare for the job market.

      Year 3

      In the final year, you will exploit your knowledge from the first two years and perform a final year project in collaboration with a research active faculty member. This will include tackling major contemporary challenges in cancer, inflammation, age-related disorders, epigenetics, drug design, and drug delivery. In addition to the final research project, you will have the opportunity to select from further modules covering a broad range of biology, drug discovery and pharmacology topics. Furthermore, you will learn about the toxicology of drugs and how quality control of drugs is important during industrial production. Finally, in collaboration with the Norwich Business School, you will take a course in project management. This course will provide you with key management skills required for your future career, including the ability to create, plan, and deliver as part of a team that manages real projects for external sponsors.

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