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The University of Buckingham has developed a unique two-year undergraduate degree programme in Computer Science, which incorporates self-directed projects encouraging entrepreneurial development through innovative creation. Designed with input from the IT industry, SMEs, graduates, and the University’s Business School, the proposed programme aims to develop students’ computing knowledge and skills, and provides them with a platform to plan, start, develop and run their own software business. Graduates of the programme will be able to start their own software/IT business, join an incubator programme to further develop their ideas and skills or work in a dynamic software development environment.
Computing and ICT are an integral part of today’s modern society, playing a significant role economically and politically while acting as a vehicle for information in many sectors. This programme is intended to bridge the gap between students’ academic knowledge in computing and the real-life world of business in computer science. This will be done through hands-on and interactive projects that provide opportunities to engage with potential customers. This programme will offer prospective students the unique opportunity to develop a well-rounded and thorough understanding of computing as an entrepreneur.

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Hunter Street, MK18 1EG, Buckinghamshire, England
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Début Dates au choix
Hunter Street, MK18 1EG, Buckinghamshire, England
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As a foundation, the programme aims to develop students’ theoretical knowledge and practical skills enabling them to analyse, specify, design, develop and test efficient and innovative computer-based systems. In addition, students will creatively develop software systems of their own and research ways to commercially market their ideas to specific areas of business, outlined in a professional business plan. Projects will be guided by mentors in the field and students will participate in lectures from notable software and business entrepreneurs, encouraging a creative, innovative and business-minded focus.“We want our graduates to be able to start a software business; they will be able to work in a dynamic area – not just designing software. As for the way the programme is designed it would give the students a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t and what could potentially go wrong and how to overcome such issues when launching a software business” (Dr Harin Sellahewa – Senior Lecturer and Programme Director).The programme is designed to prepare graduates for careers in the IT industry, including software engineering and systems management. They will also be able to establish their own start-up businesses during the programme or on graduation. Alternatively, graduates can advance their careers in research in computing / computer science at Buckingham, other UK universities or universities abroad.Modules available on this course
  • Introduction to Business (Level 4)
  • Introduction to Computer Systems (Level 4)
  • Introduction to Operating Systems (Level 4)
  • Planning and Pitching a Start-up Business (Level 4)
  • Problem Solving and Programing 1  (Level 4)
  • Study Skills for Science (Level 4)
  • Human-Computer Interaction (Level 5)
  • Multimedia Systems (Level 5)
  • Object-Oriented Programming (Level 5)
  • Principles of Computer Networks (Level 5)
  • Principles of Database Systems (Level 5)
  • Problem Solving and Programing 2 (Level 5)
  • Professional, Ethical and Legal Issues (Level 5)
  • Software Entrepreneurship (Level 5)
  • Web Applications Development (Level 5)
  • Cloud Computing (Level 6)
  • Information Security (Level 6)
  • Launching and Developing Your Business (Level 6)
  • Mobile Applications Development (Level 6)
  • Project (Level 6)
  • Software Engineering (Level 6)
  • Software Project Management (Level 6)
  • Technologies for Business Intelligence (Level 6)
  • Full information about this course in the University HandbookOther links

    The University of Buckingham is an active member of Enterprise Educators UK, the national network for supporting and developing enterprise education.

    The National Association of College and University Entrepreneurs (NACUE) is a national organisation that supports and represents university enterprise societies and student entrepreneurs to drive the growth of entrepreneurship across the UK.