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Breath4Lifeª Breath Work Level 3: Group Facilitation Course

Acorn to Oak
À Farnham (England)
  • Acorn to Oak

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Typologie Formation
Lieu Farnham (England)
Durée 25 Days
  • Formation
  • Farnham (England)
  • Durée:
    25 Days

Breathing is essential and it is important to do it properly. For that, Emagister offers you the possibility to work on your breath with this new 25 days training course! With the Breath4Lifeª Breath Work Level 3: Group Facilitation course you will experience 25 hours of 1:1 mentorship and you will study the theory Breath4Life™ Breath Work!

During this course, you will be able to describe the theory of energetic classroom management and write and practice delivering a short presentation. At the same time, you will experience energetic classroom management while giving a presentation and you will be able to discuss the theory behind breath work and Breath4LifeTM.

Thanks to this programme, you will have an experience of facilitating a group breathwork session and Breath4LifeTM session and you will be able to describe the importance of being 'able to hold a space' and of being 'on duty unless alone in your own room'.

Learn how to breathe again! Visit and ask for more information about this incredible experience.

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Quels sont les objectifs de la formation?

You will gain supervised experience with groups during the year by observing and participation on the Breath4Life™ Breath Work Foundation Course.

You will also be part of the facilitation team for the “Becoming Alive” residential weekend. The 4 days “Break for Freedom” Residential Retreat and The 8 days “Mining the Gold from Within” Residential Retreat.

Cette formation est-elle faite pour moi?

This Training is perfect for Breath4LifeTM Practitioners

Quel est le processus d'inscription?

One of the team at Acorn to Oak will be in contact to answer any questions you have on the course and how to book.

Conditions: Breath4Life™ Breath Work Level 2: Practitioner Course

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Où et quand
Début Lieu
01 mars 2019
32 Greenhill Way, GU9 8SZ, Surrey, England
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Début 01 mars 2019
32 Greenhill Way, GU9 8SZ, Surrey, England
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Energy Healing
Energy Management
Team Training
Teaching Skills
Teaching Techniques
Positive Thinking
Personal Development
Alternative Health
Healing techniques
Healing Sounds
Meditation Position


  • The energetic component of teaching and classroom management
  • How to write and deliver a presentation
  • Theory and practice of preparing the room and participants for a breath work session
  • Archetypes with reference to participants
  • Theory behind the need 'to hold the space'
  • Breath4Life™ Breath Work Teachers Code of Ethics
  • Responsibilities of Breath work Teachers and personal energy management
  • The differences between the role of the Breath work Teachers and Breath4LifeTM Teacher
  • The Teaching Team - post-graduate teaching experience
  • The need and provision of Continuing Professional Development
  • Peer supervision
  • Mentorship and Networking
  • This training includes all residential fees, meals, teas and coffee while on the training courses, however if the courses are non residential. Please bring your lunch.