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Power your knowledge with continuing education. Taught by scientists and PhDs. Can food make you smarter? How does your brain make food decisions? Can your brain perform without carbs? How are your brain and gut connected? Why is sugar so hard to resist?

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Le meilleur de la formation: An interesting course that gives great insight on nutrition and healthy eating.
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Formation effectuée: Juin 2018
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Aman O'Connor
Le meilleur de la formation: Very good course for starters with all the information you need.
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Formation effectuée: Avril 2018
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Stefanie Gadow
Le meilleur de la formation: Loved the way how Jamie tried to educate children about food and cooking in the video. This course also offers amazing study material which will be a collection for life. This course is no doubt highly recommendable.
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Formation effectuée: Février 2018
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Ready To Power Your Continuing Education?

Learn about whether what you eat can really affect your intelligence, to how we’ve evolved to crave sugary foods!

Contains the following Continuing Education modules:

  • Nutrition and Brain Performance
  • Brain and Food Decisions
  • Ketosis and Brain Performance
  • Brain and Gut Microbiome 
  • Sugar Cravings 

Nutrition and Brain Performance

We often hear the term “brain foods”, but can our diet really make us smarter? We dive into the scientific research behind the nutrients that are said to make us more intelligent and see if there’s any truth to these claims.

In this module, you will learn…

  • The effect of low-carb diets on appetite 
  • Whether fructose is making us fat
  • If plate colour can help you eat healthier
  • Why sugar is so hard to resist
  • What influences our food choices

Brain and Food Decisions

To eat, or not to eat? And then, what or how much? These questions occupy your brain more often than you think. We delve into the neuroscience of healthy (or not so healthy) food choices… and what you can do about them.

In this module, you will learn…
  • How our brain makes decisions about food
  • Who (or what) is to blame for our poor food choices 
  • Whether our subconscious could be sabotaging our best efforts 
  • How we might be able to convince our brains to make better decisions

Ketosis and Brain Performance

The speed and sharpness of your neural circuitry are highly dependent on your blood’s glucose supply. But, with so many of us trying to cut out carbs, might our intellectual performance, our focus, and our brain-processing speed suffer as a result?

In this module, you will learn…
  • Whether our brain can perform without carbs, or if it always needs some glucose to function
  • The fundamentals of ketogenesis and ketosis 
  • The truth behind ketones, the ketogenic diet, and cognitive performance
  • Who may benefit from going on a ketogenic diet, and who may want to avoid it 

Brain and Gut Microbiome

In this module, you will learn about the bacteria that live in your gut and the surprising ways in which they impact your life. But is our microbiome genetically predetermined, or can we make changes for the better?

In this module, you will learn…
  • How our brain and gut are connected 
  • What the trillions of bacteria in our gut are really up to
  • The fundamentals of the gut microbiome, and whether it can really change our mood and behaviour
  • If stress can impact our gut 
  • Whether taking probiotics might elevate our mood 

Sugar Cravings

Why is sugar so addictive? To answer this, we’re going to dive into the science of how your brain responds to sugar.

In this module, you will learn…
  • Why sugar is so hard to resist 
  • What neuroscience can tell us about sugar cravings
  • Whether we’ve evolved to crave sugary foods
  • How brain reward centres are involved in our sweet addiction