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Become a Celebrity Fashion Stylist Without a Fashion Degree!

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Amber Renae reveals the deepest secrets for reaching the top so you too can become a celebrity fashion stylist!This course has packaged together more than a decade of experience teaching in fashion schools, styling celebrities and dressing thousands of everyday people into this useful series of tools, tips and techniques for creating and managing a successful styling business.Over 40 000 Instagram followers love what Amber does, and if you want to make a real career out of clothes, then you should join them on this course.Amber's work has featured in Vogue and Marie Claire, and she has dressed award winning celebrities! Check out the preview video on the next tab...More than just sourcing clothes and styling a shoot, this course is a practical guide for setting up and running a profitable styling business.

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Quels sont les objectifs de la formation?

The difference between the 6 main TYPE_IDs of styling
Important terminology you need to understand
The MUST KNOW resources to get you up and running quicker than your competitors
Secret marketing techniques
Get a website, get networking and starting earning
Secure an awesome internship 

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Fashion Stylist


Let's Get Started
Say hi to your fellow students!
Share your new course with your friends!
How I got to where I am now WITHOUT any formal fashion education
What is the role of a stylist?
Entry requirements: Should you study fashion?
Skill requirements: The essential skills needed to make it as a stylist
Job Specification: Where to work and expected hours
Key Terminology: Industry terms you'll need to use every day to appear knowledgeable

The 6 TYPE_IDs of Styling
Editorial Styling:BriefSkills requiredExpected payGetting Started
Commercial or Advertising Styling:BriefSkills requiredExpected payGetting Started
Personal Styling:BriefSkills requiredExpected payGetting Started
Celebrity Styling:BriefSkills requiredExpected payGetting Started
Show Styling:BriefSkills requiredExpected payGetting Started
Wardrobe Styling:BriefSkills requiredExpected payGetting Started

Skills and Exercises
Exercise: How to Tape Shoes (the most efficient way)
How to Source Products: Ingenious methods for sourcing designer products
Stylist Kit: The key must haves (plus a few extras to win friends!)
Must-know Resources: Resources to get you started as a stylist this week!
Folio Presentations
Internships: How to secure one immediately
Exercise: How to Steam Clothes

The Business Side and Getting Started
Business Management and Marketing
Advice for the Aspiring Stylist: Some extra tips
What happens now?! Let's get out there and start working

You've Made It This Far
Completion Bonus Lecture