Donghua University

Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Management

Donghua University
À Yangpu (China)
  • Donghua University


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Typologie Bachelor's degree
Lieu Yangpu (China)
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  • Bachelor's degree
  • Yangpu (China)
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The Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Management added by Emagister has the aim to provide basic knowledge and theories of tourism management to the students and to cultivate them to have a wide range of knowledge to adapt to the modern tourism.

With this program, you will learn about the industry, the international development and can work in complex high-level expertise.

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Employment: travel agency, hotel, scenic spot, airline company, theme park, tourism company, online tourism company, business travel company, tourism investment company, tourism real-estate company, tourism media company

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Début Lieu
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Shanghai, China
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Début Dates au choix
Shanghai, China
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Financial Management
Hotel Management
Tourism Marketing
Service Management
Cross-cultural management
Tourism Psychology
Travel Agency Operation Management


Tourism Economics; Tourism Psychology; Financial Management; Tourism Policy and Regulations; Tourism Resources; MICE tourism; Tourism and Culture; tourism marketing and planning; Service Management; Leisure Studies; Cross-Cultural Management; Travel Agency Operation Management; Development and Management of Visitor Attractions; Hotel Management Introduction; Hotel Management Practice; Tourism E-Commerce; Internet Marketing and CRM

Practice and Experience Required Courses

Business decision-making system; Information Retrieval ; Network theory and foundation; Travel management simulation; Hotel management simulation; LOTUS; Web production technology; E-commerce simulation; Financial Accounting Simulation; Network Marketing