Donghua University

Bachelor of Arts in Marketing

Donghua University
À Yangpu (China)
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Typologie Bachelor's degree
Lieu Yangpu (China)
Début Dates au choix
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Yangpu (China)
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Emagister has added a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing to his list of courses.

The program designed by the Donghua University has the aim to provide to their students an administrative, economic, legal, marketing and other aspects of knowledge for those who are to engage in marketing or management.

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Employment: positions related to data analysis, consumer management, distribution channel management, regional coordination, public relations.

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Shanghai, China
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Début Dates au choix
Shanghai, China
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Internet Marketing
Marketing Management
Services marketing
Marketing Research
Sales Management
Business Marketing Management
Risk Marketing
Banking Business Simulation
Consumer Behavior in Fashion


Consumer Behavior ; Advertising ; Marketing Research;  Retailing Management; Sales Management; Business Marketing Management; Brand Management ; Services Marketing; Business Communication ; Textile Merchandising ; Apparel Merchandising; Apparel Operation Management ; Consumer Behavior in Fashion ; Internet Marketing; Internet Business Models; Risk Marketing

Practice and Experience Required Courses

Business decision support system; Information Retrieval ; Internet Basics; IBM Lotus Software; Website Design; Project Management Software; E-commerce Simulation; Securities Trading Simulation ; Futures Transaction Simulation; Foreign Exchange Transaction Simulation; Banking Business Simulation; Imp/Exp Business Simulation