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Advanced Management Training: Myers-Briggs Leadership Development

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Learn How to the Empower People Around You and Achieve More with Advanced Management TrainingThis course is about developing your personal leadership style so that you can effectively empower the people around you and open yourself to bigger opportunities. This course is similar to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's $3,300 course on Transformational Leadership Strategies. On the other side of this course, you will:Program your brain with leadership principles that guide good decisionsBe able to appreciate and leverage different personality TYPE_IDsUnderstand how to find, spread, and execute innovative ideasKnow how to cultivate a compelling vision and motivate people behind itThis course is ideal for existing managers looking to get more engagement from their teams, new managers who will be managing people for the first time, or entrepreneurs who need to use “soft power†to achieve great things with small teams.​Smart Modules for Visual Learners + Exclusive Expert InterviewsLearn smarter with animated video modules that help you retain more information faster through both visual and audio learning cues and key concepts that are reinforced with short quizzes. You'll also have access to four exclusive interviews with:Dave Johnson, SVP of Operations at AUMA in EdmontonMatt Moeller, CTO of Crunchyroll in San FranciscoTim Haitaian, CEO of Redshelf in ChicagoLomesh Shah, CEO of Nonprofiteasy in San FranciscoThe most valuable takeaways from these interviews are also notated for you as a part of the course and a study guide is included so that you can quickly access the key learning outcomes from the course at any time. Happy learning!

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Develop innovations, execute good ideas, and diffusing them throughout an organization
Unlock more strategic information and find better ways of working together
Succeed in a world where smart, orchestrated networks and tiny firms that do not need much capital to compete with larger organizations
Make their organizations more agile, responsive, and creative 

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Understanding Leadership
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Understanding Leadership Study Guide
The Four Leadership Guideposts
Sensemaking: how to generate insights in a team setting

Different Personalities
Personality TYPE_IDs - Handout
The MBTI Framework

The Team
Effective communcation and relationships
Building X Teams for Extreme Performance

Exclusive Interviews
Exclusive Interviews Handout
Dave Johnson, SVP of Operations at AUMA
Matt Moeller, CTO of Crunchyroll
Lomesh Shah, CEO of Nonprofiteasy
Tim Haitaian, CEO of Redshelf

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