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Typologie Short course
Lieu London (England)
Durée 2 Weeks
Début 12/08/2019
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  • Short course
  • London (England)
  • Durée:
    2 Weeks
  • Début:
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Would you like to understand better the complexity and constantly moving requirements of facilities management(FM)? If the answer is yes, Emagister has the perfect course for you! The Advanced Facilities Management programme teaches you the role of FM in enabling the core business of a company to function effectively thus contributing to profitability.

Thanks to this course, you will learn to appreciate the modern challenges of FM that require managers to be innovators and to do more with less. In addition, you will get some useful tips on the issue of sustainability and how a company can profitably benefit from Facilities Management actions in this area!

Are you ready to become a professional in Facilities Management? Learn more about this opportunity in!

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This maintenance management training is suitable for: facilities and maintenance managers, practitioners and officers; operations managers, executives and staff; those entering FM who want a head start with setting up and running a department.

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01 avr. 2019
12 août 2019
02 déc. 2019
Seven Pancras Square 7 King’s Boulevard Kings Cross London N1C 4AG, London, England
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Début 01 avr. 2019
12 août 2019
02 déc. 2019
Seven Pancras Square 7 King’s Boulevard Kings Cross London N1C 4AG, London, England
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Strategic Management
Staff Motivation
Portfolio Management
Customer Service
Team Leader
Team Training
Quality management
Management Planning
Trade Finance
Management Control
Administration System
Guidance and Counselling
Customer Manager
Facilities Management
Staff management
Management skills
Staff Training


Getting Started with the Basics
  • Aims and objectives: setting out your stall
  • Tools of the trade
  • Understanding your portfolio
Managing People: Staff and Customers
  • Managing your staff
  • Teamwork: what makes a good team?
  • Staff training
  • Customer service
Policies, Strategies and Procedures
  • Policies
  • Key points of a strategy
  • Procedures:
  • Guidance notes
  • Forms
  • Administrative flow
  • Monitoring and managing
  • Quality management
Risks and Liabilities
  • Compliance
  • Risks with new builds and defect periods
  • Risks to property
Outsourcing of Services or In-House Staff?
  • Reasons to outsource services
  • Outsourcing: advantages and disadvantages
  • Specifications
  • Risk
  • Working with contractors
  • Procurement routes for FM
In-House Teams
  • Maintenance team
  • Site supervision team
  • Helpdesk team
  • Post team
  • Cleaning team
  • Security team
Maintenance including New Builds and Space Management
  • Types of maintenance
  • Planned programme and planned survey
  • Space management
  • New builds and maintenance
Sustainability, Use of Resources and Sustainable Technologies
  • What is sustainability?
  • Improving the sustainability of your organisation
  • Sustainability: a whole organisation approach
  • Determining your carbon footprint
  • Sustainable technologies
  • Utilities
  • Educating the occupants of buildings
Waste and How to Deal with it
  • What is waste?
  • Paper waste
  • Food waste
  • Specialist waste
  • Building waste
Fleet Management
  • Drivers and licences
  • Vehicles
  • Key control
  • Logging journeys
  • Trackers
  • Fuel cards
  • Capital purchases