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Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner

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How did I get this fat this fast? Why doesn't portion control work with me? Can I lose weight without feeling hungry? Is there a cure for food addicts? Can I gorge and still lose weight? How often should I eat? Could I have an intolerance? How can I speed up my fat loss? Learn to answers these questions, understand the science of clinical weight loss and participate in our Skills Lab™ exercises. Packed with printable templates, meal planners, food journals, health questionnaires and planning worksheets.

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Learn about:
- your brain on food
- new science of food addiction
- hunger hormones
- why portion control doesn’t work
- how NOT to feel hungry during weight loss
- what biggest losers do that others don’t
- when fast weight loss may be better
- when fat is not fat
- water retention and food intolerances
- comfort food as self-medication
- the fix for lack of willpower
- psychology behind successful weight loss
- body composition and metabolic analysis

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Le meilleur de la formation: The beginners course will inspire parents to educate their children on the necessity of fruits and vegetables. knowledge is power and its time we bring the power back to the people.
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Formation effectuée: Janvier 2018
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Le meilleur de la formation: It motivates to make wiser choices concerning food, nutrition and exercise.
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Formation effectuée: Juillet 2018
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Mark Farr
Le meilleur de la formation: Knowing the different types of sugars along with its names are the most amazing thing I found in the course.
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Formation effectuée: Août 2018
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Ryan Merlo
Le meilleur de la formation: I am very much impressed by the website, they offer amazing courses for everyone which is impressive. They help people to stay healthy and fit with their guidance.
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Formation effectuée: Juillet 2018
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Sarah Gleave
Le meilleur de la formation: This is one of the best online courses.
À améliorer: nothing to improve
Formation effectuée: Novembre 2017
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Course overview

•Educate and appraise your client
•Address your client’s weight loss goals and design a personalised plan
•Provide guidelines for a balanced intake of nutrients, hydration, physical activity, stress management, and habit-forming
•Encourage your client to follow a varied diet and healthy lifestyle
•Check on food intake through questions and dietary journals
•Adjust an eating plan where necessary
•Inform about the benefits of proper nutrition, exercise, and self-care
•Work with your client to implement strategies for new healthy habits to stick
•Monitor body composition improvements