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The average UK salary for Adobe Illustrator professionals is £35 000! (Source ITJobsWatch 2015).

Don’t pass up the opportunity to earn your worth!

Adobe Illustrator CC (Creative Cloud) 2014 is the latest version and contains many improvements that will boost your productivity and efficiency. A new touch-compatible tool, CSS extraction, file packaging and images in brushes are all a part of this version. Additionally, the improvements in colour, font and program settings synching, saving documents to the cloud, and integration with Behance (a collaborative creative network), make this version the very best yet. Learn the best and become the best!

The Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 qualification will display your proficiency across a multitude of skills such as creating and editing vector graphics, as well as, preparing graphics for print, Web and mobile platforms. Make sure that you can offer employers the very latest Adobe Illustrator skills and knowledge!

The addition of the internationally recognised Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 certification to your CV will enhance your career opportunities and vastly improve your employment and earning potentials with current or future employers.

Who is it for?

Adobe is a world leader in the development of various types of web design, graphic design and authoring software. Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Digital Designers, System Integrators and Developers worldwide use Adobe Software.

An Adobe certification will provide employers and clients with formal proof of your expertise in Adobe products. Adobe offers three levels of Adobe Certification tests that will demonstrate your proficiency in:

• A single Adobe Product – ACE (Adobe Certified Expert)
• Multiple Adobe Products – ACE Specialist
• The entire range of Adobe Products – ACE Master

Adobe also provides Adobe Product Instructors the option to formalise their skills, knowledge and efficiency through the Adobe Certification program or through the...

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• Web Developer
• Web Designer
• Graphic Designer
• System Integrator

Conditions: None

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Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 Course Curriculum:

Lesson 1 – Introducing Illustrator CC
Lesson 2 – Creating Documents Containing Basic Shapes
Lesson 3 – Creating Documents Containing Customised Paths
Lesson 4 – Creating Graphics Containing Customised Text
Lesson 5 – Customising Objects
Lesson 6 – Customising Basic Shapes
Lesson 7 – Preparing Documents for Deployment
Lesson 8 – Drawing Complex Illustrations
Lesson 9 – Enhancing Artwork Using Painting Tools
Lesson 10 – Customising Colours and Swatches
Lesson 11 – Formatting Type
Lesson 12 – Enhancing the Appearance of Artwork
Lesson 13 – Preparing Content for Deployment
Lesson 14 – Setting Project Requirements
Lesson 15 – Appendix A
Lesson 16 – Appendix B
Lesson 17 – Appendix C

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